75F unveils new Building Automation range

  • April 10, 2023
  • William Payne

IoT-based building management system 75F has introduced a new range of products designed to improve building efficiency, enhance indoor air quality, and reduce operating costs. Through its new line of products, the company provides commercial buildings with the means to incorporate energy efficiency and sustainability into their operations and achieve the net zero emission target.

Some of the products launched were the Chiller Plant Manager, Occupancy Temperature Node, True CFM, Hyperstat, Helio Node, Portfolio Analytics Manager, Occupant App, Domain Modeller, and QR code for asset tracking.

The Chiller Plant Manager (CPM) enables a data-driven approach to continuous optimisation of water-cooled chiller plants and boiler plants, assisting facility managers and building owners in achieving improved specific energy consumption of chiller plants, improved thermal quality of operations, and uninterrupted and continuous cooling/heating energy service to clients.

The Occupancy and Temperature Node (OTN) adds a factory-calibrated high-precision occupancy, temperature, and humidity sensor. True CFM makes use of a 75F Differential Pressure sensor, which connects to and directly measures the airflow pressure difference between total pressure and static pressure. This allows for a translation into airstream velocity. HyperStat is a commercial thermostat and humidistat with eight onboard sensors for improved IAQ management and hyper-localised temperature control.

The 75F Helio Node is an IoT-based controller and sensor to simplify temperature, IAQ and lighting control in office buildings. The 75F Portfolio Analytics Manager (PAM) is a data analytics and monitoring solution. Facilisight, PAM, is part of the company’s building intelligence suite of web and mobile apps and provides users with dynamic insight into energy data across their portfolio as well as flexible control over the information they see via customisable, shareable dashboards and widgets.

The 75F Occupant App allows occupants to control their individual zones from their mobile phone, allowing them to adjust temperatures, set vacation schedules, and provide feedback to management about their working environment conditions. The Domain Modeller is an open-source tool/application intended to standardise the definitions of different types of equipment as represented by Haystack.

Mr Gaurav Burman, VP & APAC President, 75F India, said, “With our new products, we aim to drive focus towards the need to improve the energy efficiency of existing and new green buildings which have the potential to be reduced by nearly 15-30%. Towards the same, our business expansion plans will now focus on three access points: Firstly, the buildings where our solutions will be deployed, secondly, expanding geographically across different countries and thirdly, by means of meaningful collaborations and partnerships.”