Zymbit unveils secure edge fabric at IoT Tech Expo

  • June 4, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based Zymbit is unveiling at this week’s IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara its Secure Edge Fabric products and services to deliver better business outcomes from pilot IoT deployments and beyond.

The hybrid architecture addresses the competing requirements of enterprise IoT for rapid innovation cycles, long-term durability and low cost.

The Secure Edge Fabric combines the power of embedded Linux compute nodes with the low cost and adaptability of non-Linux intelligent IO to deliver secure edge compute and control capabilities for a wide range of industries, from retail automation to distributed AI models. The product line includes Bootware 1.0 unified endpoint security management tools, Secure Edge Node 400, and Tiny Nodes, all protected by Zymbit’s core HSXM secure supervisor silicon.

The products build on the company’s commitment to delivering professional grade edge compute with flexibility, security and scalability at their core. The family can meet the evolving needs of industries ranging from retail automation to industrial IoT and remote healthcare, where zero-trust environments, rapid innovation cycles and long-term reliable operation are the norm.

The range includes trusted modular hardware backed by secure supervisor silicon and unified endpoint management tools that free developers to focus on innovation, both in the design lab and in the field. When it’s time to scale up, the products and services are open for enterprise integration, tough enough to withstand real world operating conditions, and smart enough to support continuous upgrades securely through years of unattended operation.

The Secure Edge Node 400 (www.zymbit.com/secure-edge-node-400) is a third-generation Linux compute node including a customisable baseboard with choice of HSxM security, an enterprise grade redundant and managed power system, expanded storage through PCIe M.2, and support for Pi Compute CM4 and beyond. All are enclosed in a durable, tamper-responsive enclosure with integrated heatsink, mounting and cable management accessories.

Tiny Nodes (www.zymbit.com/tiny-nodes) is designed to be low cost, flexible and easily managed. The reference products are architected to be produced in high volumes by OEMs and integrators. Tiny Nodes can operate either standalone or in concert with Secure Edge Nodes and managed by Zymbit Bootware, which enables secure updates as well as recovery of unattended devices over long-term deployments.

HSxM Core Silicon (www.zymbit.com/product-select/#compare) expands the functionality of a typical hardware security module by adding node supervision, safe state recovery and secure management of cryptographically isolated file-system encryption, together with over-the-air updates. Designed for unattended hybrid edge compute applications, HSXM delivers instant security upon deployment, while maintaining upgradeability and flexibility for developers to adapt to changing application requirements. It employs proven techniques such as key derivations and security contexts to address the challenges of managing complex fleets in a cryptographically sound and scalable manner.

Bootware 1.0 (www.zymbit.com/bootware) delivers low-friction unified credential, update and recovery management across Zymbit Linux edge compute nodes, tiny non-Linux devices, and third-party nodes deployed within the edge compute fabric. On Linux nodes, Bootware supports multiple flavours of Linux, including custom distributions, and popular higher-level IoT cloud services. Bootware on Linux aims to impose few restrictions on what the user can do with the operating system, while providing A/B/S updates, recovery and hardening, which, on some devices, includes recovery from complete destruction of all software on the device. On non-Linux devices, Bootware provides cryptographic services, physical protection, updates and integration with device, local and fleet security contexts. This establishes clear and unobtrusive security perimeters, enabling more capable compute nodes to leverage the flexible remote IO capabilities and low cost of numerous tiny nodes. Ultimately, Bootware gives the Secure Edge Fabric flexibility, value and appropriate security without having to choose one over the other.

The Secure Edge Fabric (www.zymbit.com/secure-edge-fabric) products, including the Zymbit Bootware, Secure Edge Node and HSxM silicon ar available for viewing at this week’s IoT Tech Expo (www.iottechexpo.com/northamerica) taking place June 5-6, 2024, at the Santa Clara Convention Center on stand #342.

“We are thrilled to introduce this new generation of Secure Edge Fabric products, designed to deliver better business outcomes for IoT infrastructure investments,” said Phil Strong, CEO of Zymbit. “We’ve heard loud and clear the frustration of teams who struggle with stalled innovation, escalating development costs, and hardware that is unfit for large-scale long-term deployment. Zymbit’s new family of products is designed to transform the IoT experience for developers, business operators and procurement professionals, to significantly increase their odds of success, and to ultimately help our customers deliver measurable and expanding returns over the life of their assets.”