WISeKey increases investment in AIoT

  • November 29, 2023
  • William Payne

Cybersecurity firm WISeKey is increasing investments in subsidiary’s SEALSQ developments in AI-related cybersecurity for IoT. The company envisages the creation of advanced IoT cybersecurity predictive analysis systems. New AI-based IoT technologies will enhance the operational efficiency and security of IoT devices.

SEALSQ’s AI strategy includes further investments in new post-quantum chips, which are currently under development and expected to be commercialised in 2025. These chips are designed to improve AI performance in semiconductors, bringing new capabilities to the technology world. SEALSQ’s range of solutions, including secure elements, root of trust, cryptographic keys, and hardware security modules, underscore its commitment to spearheading technological advancements while fortifying semiconductors against potential vulnerabilities.

New technologies will aim to provide deeper insights into device behaviours, predicting and preempting issues before they occur in order to dramatically improve operational efficiency and digital security. SEALSQ is developing integration of AI with NFT/Matter-based IoT certification to enhance the intuitiveness and efficiency of IoT devices.

SEALSQ’s strategy is designed to take advantage of the new opportunities arising from the rapid expansion of the global IoT market and demand for AI-enhanced technologies.

The company’s IoT cybersecurity technologies are employed at both cloud and edge level across smart cities, supply chain port automation, healthcare, critical infrastructure and smart home devices and embedded systems.