Wiliot Launches ambient IoT kit

  • January 25, 2023
  • William Payne

Ambient IoT developer Wiliot has launched an innovation kit to allow supply chain and retail companies explore and build IoT solutions using IoT item-level computers, edge devices and IoT cloud services.

The innovation kit includes Wiliot IoT Pixels, tiny postage-stamp sized computers that can sense temperature and location, and are powered by harvesting radio waves. Pixels cost pennies, and can be attached to goods and assets. They communicate via Bluetooth. In addition, the kit includes edge devices that energise and capture IoT Pixel data, access to Wiliot cloud platform, and digital solution guides.

The innovation Kit is offered alongside Wiliot’s Starter Kit, which is plug & play using an IoT Pixel-ready coffee cup that demonstrates item-level temperature monitoring right out of the box. The innovation Kit moves one step further into the world of ambient IoT by providing a more hands on experience with the Wiliot Platform, and IoT Pixels that can be attached to items selected by the kit user.

“We’re illuminating what was once in the dark by providing companies with actionable insights – and the status of every product at every moment – and the implications are profound,” stated Thadious Fisher, VP of Global Channels at Wiliot. “With real-time sensing and product lifecycle traceability, food is safer and fresher, medicine is more secure, and goods and assets are easily located.”