Vodafone lets TrackTek track across borders

  • January 20, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Chilean telematics company TrackTec is using Vodafone Business’ IoT services to reduce maintenance costs by 20%, improve operational efficiency, and enable better safety and security for customers. 

TrackTec develops hardware and asset tracking products in Latin America. It services customers in various industries, from private transportation to retail, and provides its customers with flexible connectivity to provide tracking specific to their needs.

TrackTec now uses Vodafone Business’ IoT services for seamless connectivity to provide these customised offerings. Instead of having to switch SIMs for various networks in different Latam regions its clients are in or travelling through, the Vodafone IoT universal SIM ensures TrackTec’s customers’ fleet and assets are always connected and visible.

“With a range of customers in various industries such as public and private transportation, construction and heavy equipment, mining and retail, its capabilities must be flexible enough to build specific tracking for different challenges,” said Ludovico Fassati, head of IoT for Vodafone in the Americas. “TrackTec uses our IoT services for seamless connectivity in these customised solutions.”

Vodafone’s in-country roaming capabilities allow the device to pick the best network available in each location, providing the best possible coverage.

Flexible connectivity means TrackTec customers never have to worry about where an asset is located to track it. Meanwhile, TrackTec can scale with its customers’ needs and expand services into new regions regardless of that region’s network.

By tracking assets with confidence, no matter where trucks, machines or equipment are located or what type of industry a user is in, TrackTec can help focus on helping clients tackle specific problems such as operational visibility. Connected GPS monitoring allows managers to see the availability of their entire fleets, both where they are and how they’re being used. With this knowledge, managers can more efficiently deploy or redeploy fleets to where they are needed most. For example, in public transportation, authorities can monitor the positions of buses across different sectors within a community to understand traffic patterns and demand.

The use of telematics can also improve maintenance costs across assets. By collecting and monitoring data, such as how many kilometres a vehicle has been driven, how it was driven and what previous maintenance was performed, fleet managers can predict and then replace components before a failure happens. With this capability, TrackTec has helped its customers reduce maintenance costs by 20%.

Companies can monitor driver habits and performance to uncover any dangerous behaviour and mitigate unsafe driving. This helps fleet managers prevent accidents and improve driver skills. With social distancing remaining in place for the foreseeable future, connected products can also monitor the capacity of public transportation to prevent overcrowding and ensure passengers are following recommended protocols.