Vodafone launches IoT self-care platform in India

Vodafone Idea in India has launched IoT Smart Central, a fully integrated self-care platform for IoT asset management.

It enhances business efficiency by connecting, controlling and managing a user’s IoT assets remotely through a single dashboard. And it allows for future-proofing of all IoT deployments by offering IoT connectivity and device management on one platform.

Vi Business, the enterprise arm of Vodafone Idea and one of the largest IoT players in India, has launched IoT Smart Central to empower enterprises to control, monitor and manage IoT assets remotely in real time.

The platform provides a view of all IoT assets and enables enterprises to manage and control the SIM lifecycle of everything remotely from easy to complex projects across various industries such as automotive, banking and utilities. It provides real-time diagnosis and remote troubleshooting for any IoT device installed in the system, with proactive alerts to avoid overlooking mission critical issues.

Enterprises get a full-fledged dynamic billing model and tailored rate plans based on usage patterns using analytics.

“With the growing adoption of IoT, the next decade will see the development of a massive IoT ecosystem, enabling billions of connected devices,” said Amit Satpathy, executive vice president at Vodafone Idea. “The launch of IoT Smart Central is a natural progression to supplement our robust capabilities and leadership in India’s IoT segment. This future-ready platform will enable enterprises to harness the power of IoT to compete in a smart and connected world. The transformative end-to-end platform will give enterprises an edge to centrally manage, control and monitor connectivity options for their IoT devices across industries and use cases. We appreciate the efforts taken by the government to create a conducive environment for the IoT growth story in India. Programmes such as Digital India and Make in India and initiatives such as the IoT Centre of Excellence (CoE) will further boost the adoption of IoT in the country.”

IoT Smart Central comes with predictive maintenance features to reduce operational downtime, thus improving tech efficiencies. Simultaneously, with the portal’s self-service capabilities, users can instantly raise and track queries, requests and complaints, and get faster resolution within 48 hours.

“As an electric motorcycle leader in Indian market, we aim to lead the IoT technology and delivery best in class experience to our customers,” said Sandeep Kumar, director at Revolt Motors (www.revoltmotors.com). “To continue our competitive advantage, our IoT partner Vi Business plays a very critical role. They are instrumental in providing us with the most advanced future ready IoT Smart Central platform, which enables us to seamlessly manage the end-to-end lifecycle of the IoT asset, from onboarding to in life operations. IoT Smart Central has enabled us to reduce operational cost, enhance real-time visibility and overall automate multiple operational work streams.”

Vi Business serves more than 4000 IoT users, with a dominant position in vehicle tracking, connected cars, PoS and advance metering infrastructure (AMI). Its diversified M2M portfolios includes electric vehicles, battery management systems, agriculture, solar and water management. The future-ready IoT Smart Central has already been tested and adopted by enterprises across industries for diverse use cases.

Vodafone Idea (www.MyVi.in) is an Aditya Birla Group and Vodafone Group partnership. The company provides pan India voice and data services across 2G, 3G and 4G platforms. Its portfolio includes mid-band 5G spectrum in 17 circles and mm-wave 5G spectrum in 16 circles.