Verizon and Atos power IoT 5G edge offering

  • February 2, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Verizon is working with French company Atos to power intelligent IoT devices with private 5G multi-access edge computing for businesses, government and communities worldwide.

The 5G edge offering could transform the way companies leverage predictive analytics, allowing them to improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk and increase revenue.

Combining the expertise of Verizon and Atos, organisations will be able to create immersive digital experiences that exercise 5G environments on the edge of their networks. The offering provides an end-to-end architecture that includes hardware, 5G, application and automation, field services and service desk support. It can cost effectively overcome scalability and latency problems.

Verizon will implement the Atos computer vision platform in its private 5G multi-access edge computing as part of the joint offering for enterprises, providing ready-to-deploy business use cases in various industries. The Atos platform plays a role in bringing capabilities in AI-powered video analytics to mission critical environments.

Verizon’s use of Atos’ BullSequana edge servers should strengthen its 5G edge offering and unlock use cases, advancing network security, connectivity and data management.

The joint offering will focus on large scale, cloud and AI-powered data analytics to help businesses operate more efficiently. In one use case, the platform will analyse 180 billion data points every hour. Using this, engineers and operators will be able to pinpoint exactly when and where operation downtime is predicted, up to 30 days in advance. Further, key metrics and trends could lead to operational efficiency and remove points of failure over time. These insights can come from a localised part of the system and be applied across a global landscape.

“We know the future will be built on our leading 5G network, and today’s announcement is another example of how our products are having a genuine impact on business efficiency and revenue today,” said Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business.

Jean-Philippe Poirault, head of telecoms, media and technology at Atos, added: “We are proud to combine our uniquely positioned digital transformations in telecommunications and edge computing with Verizon Business’ reliable, high performance 5G networks to revolutionise the way people live, work and play. This industry-leading partnership exemplifies how we will innovate the 5G marketplace to the benefit of new and exciting user experiences for both business and consumers alike.”

The scalable offering is available to users across a variety of industries – including transport, industrial, logistics and manufacturing – and highlights the impact that secure, multi-access edge computing can have on an organisations’ bottom line. It leverages both organisations’ capabilities, including expertise in cyber security, edge compute, AI and machine learning, and unlocks the potential of 5G for businesses.

Atos has 107,000 employees and annual revenue of over €11bn. Headquartered in New York, Verizon generated revenues of $128bn in 2020.