US government investment backs IoT industry

  • February 2, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

The US government wants nominations for an IoT advisory board and is hosting a virtual advanced manufacturing summit this month.

The US Department of Commerce is seeking qualified nominations for a new IoT advisory board to advise the recently established IoT Federal Working Group.

And the US National Electrical Manufacturers Association (Nema) has partnered with the US International Trade Administration (ITA) to host a virtual advanced manufacturing summit this month.

The advisory board will include a wide range of stakeholders outside of the federal government with expertise relating to the IoT.

“The internet of things is already transforming our world, providing detailed information that can improve air quality, traffic congestion, medical care and more,” said secretary of commerce Gina Raimondo. “We would like this board to represent a broad spectrum of IoT experts from industry, academia and non-profit organisations who can provide advice on IoT ranging from rural concerns to transportation, security and health care topics.”

The secretary of commerce established the IoT advisory board in accordance with the requirements of the William Thornberry national defence authorisation act for 2021, and in accordance with the federal advisory committee act, as amended.

Among other topics, the board will advise the federal working group on matters including the identification of any federal regulations, programmes or policies that may inhibit or promote the development of IoT; situations in which IoT could deliver significant and scalable economic and societal benefits to the USA; IoT opportunities and challenges for small businesses; and any IoT-related international opportunities for the USA.

The board will consist of 16 members representing a wide range of stakeholders outside of the federal government with expertise relating to the IoT. Board members will serve two-year terms.

Nominations should be made according to guidance provided in the Federal Register notice and are due by the end of February. The National Institute of Standards & Technology (Nist) will provide administrative support to the advisory board, and information on board activities can be found on the Nist web site.

The goals of the summit are to grow US leadership in International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)-based standards and use more advanced manufacturing (AM) systems in newly industrialised countries.

Nema received an award through the ITA’s Market Development Cooperator Programme (MDCP) to sponsor the summit, which will be held virtually from 10.00 to 14.00 ET on February 9 and 10.

Industry 4.0, also known as smart manufacturing, increases productivity and quality, reduces energy use, and enables manufacturers to monitor their supply chains, which is essential to improving manufacturing resiliency.

The summit will explore ways in which manufacturers can examine and remove barriers to adopting Industry 4.0 and begin developing a roadmap to address those challenges. The ITA award also encourages US leadership in IEC-based standards and the use of manufacturing systems in newly industrialised countries, including Mexico, India, Turkey and Indonesia.

Additionally, business leaders and technical experts will reveal the areas of advanced manufacturing that would offer the most benefit and create a channel to monitor progress.

Through the continued partnership with ITA, Nema will identify qualified experts, provide necessary training and influence standards to align with US interests. The award allows Nema to offset participant travel expenses, including hosting several trade missions.

Speakers and topics include:  

  • Amanda Lawrence, international trade specialist, Office of Transportation & Machinery, International Trade Administration: Introduction to the International Trade Administration MDCP
  • Anne Driscoll, acting assistant secretary for industry and analysis, and principal deputy assistant secretary for industry and analysis, Department of Commerce, keynote address
  • Panel: What is the current state of advanced manufacturing and the near-, mid- and long-term challenges for US industry?, with Ryan Kelly, general manager, San Francisco Lab, Association for Advanced Manufacturing Technology, and Stephan Biller, CEO, Advanced Manufacturing International.

The MDCP is the US government’s most successful export assistance programme. Each award helps non-profit groups pursue innovative projects that address trade barriers, enhance industry competitiveness, and generate exports that create or sustain US jobs. MDCP award recipients generate over $334 in exports for every $1 of ITA funding. They have tallied over $12.5bn of exports since the programme began, over 25 years ago. And they create or sustain 14,000 US jobs annually.