Ursalink and Digimondo enter LoRaWan partnership

  • May 13, 2020
  • imc

Chinese IoT hardware provider Ursalink has integrated its LoRaWan gateways and end nodes with a LoRaWan network server, IoT platform and data hub from Digimondo, a German provider of secure IoT software.
As data collection, storage and retrieval increasingly expand within the IoT world, LoRa technology continues to be rolled out across IoT applications globally to accelerate LoRaWan and IoT adoption. Such adoptions are made up of different components from hardware and installation to software and data processing.
These complex areas can rarely be covered by one company alone.
“A complete solution especially for IoT rollouts is created when different experts work together,” said Christopher Rath, CEO of Digimondo. “This is why we are pleased to expand our IoT ecosystem with Ursalink.”
Becoming partners in the LoRaWan ecosystem, Ursalink and Digimondo believe the technology partnership can streamline their respective products and services. The partnership also reflects a shared commitment to leveraging synergies in the technology portfolios and demonstrating values in delivering device-to-cloud services.
The Digimondo Niota IoT platform and data hub can receive data from different IoT networking protocols and bundle data streams. They automatically process, analyse and integrate IoT data into other systems, and visualise IoT data in code-free applications.
Digimondo’s Firefly network server manages and monitors IoT devices and integrates IoT data seamlessly into other systems via MQTT, Rest, Sockets and WebHooks with IoT security and scalability.
The Ursalink UG87 LoRaWan gateway comes in an IP67 enclosure and has a communications range up to 11km.
Niota gives users the ability to implement complex IoT use cases with flexibility and ease, providing the normalisation of data from different sources, and seamless integration with many networking protocols. Firefly displays LoRaWan-capable data packets in real time.
Digimondo’s customers include municipal utilities,  as well as Industry 4.0, facility management and building automation companies. Projects create dashboards, 3D data visualisation and end user applications. 
Digimondo is based in Hamburg, Germany.