U-Blox and Nordian extend GNSS correction to Brazil

  • January 17, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Swiss firm U-Blox and Nordian, a Texas-based precision location technology company, have extended coverage of the PointPerfect GNSS correction service to Brazil.

Nordian provides GNSS hardware and services for South America, a promising market for high-precision GNSS applications.

The collaboration between U-Blox and Nordian should facilitate precise positioning for a diverse range of applications, in particular high-precision agriculture, but also service robots, machinery automation, micromobility, and emerging automotive applications such as lane-accurate navigation and telematics.

PointPerfect (www.u-blox.com/en/product/pointperfect) delivers centimetre-level accuracy, achieving convergence in seconds with a 99.9% uptime reliability. The broadcast ensures uniform coverage on a continental scale. PointPerfect’s recently announced localised distribution feature, which uses 90% less data than typical network RTK (real-time kinematic) services, reduces user data costs. The combination of a low-bandwidth data stream and flexible service plans can provide better value for businesses and scalability for future needs.

“Nordian boasts unparalleled experience in delivering and supporting advanced, centimetre-level GNSS correction services across South America,” said Carlos Agusti, sales director at Nordian.”Our collaboration with U-Blox further accelerates our commitment to pushing the limits of precise positioning technology in South America.”

Nordian CEO Michael Schramm added: “Integrating U-Blox’s PointPerfect service with Nordian’s extensive GNSS reference network and regional expertise provides our customers a level of reliability, quality and affordability unmatched by any other provider in the region.”

And Ari Kuukka, principal product owner at U-Blox, said: “Entering the Brazilian market together with Nordian marks a pivotal expansion into South America and represents another step in our strategy to globalise the PointPerfect service. PointPerfect is ideal to address the need for high-precision GNSS technology in applications such as autonomous farming.” 

Nordian (www.nordian.com) specialises in GNSS and AI-enhanced positioning hardware and services. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, it owns and operates South America’s largest PPP-RTK GNSS reference network, providing centimetre-level accuracy in seconds for mass market and specialised, high-value applications.

With headquarters in Thalwil, Switzerland, U-Blox (www.u-blox.com) has offices in Europe, Asia and the USA.