U-Blox adds cyber security to cellular modules

  • October 25, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Swiss firm U-Blox is advancing cyber security for cellular IoT devices with Etsi EN 303 645 cyber-security-certified modules.

Its Lara-R6 LTE Cat 1 and Lara-L6 LTE Cat 4 cellular modules have become the first to be successfully tested to comply with the Red (Radio Equipment Directive) article 3.3 d/e/f requirements using Etsi EN 303 645 standard, and to achieve the Red cyber-security certification.

As cyber attacks and privacy concerns grow, there’s an urgent need for wireless devices and products to feature enhanced security. With stricter regulations on the horizon, manufacturers are racing to meet the highest security standards.

U-Box says it is the first module maker in the market to have its LTE Cat 1 and LTE Cat 4 cellular modules certified by the European Union’s cyber-security certification, which ensures a high level of security and privacy for smart devices. While the European Union (EU) will mandate the Red cyber-security certification for all wireless products only by summer 2025, U-Blox has already made it an integral part of its product design and development to get ahead of the curve.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (Etsi) is the recognised regional standards body for telecommunications, broadcasting and other electronic communications networks and services. The EN 303 645 standard, also known as the basis for the Red cyber-security certification, sets the gold standard for device security in the face of modern threats even outside Europe.

“As a Swiss company, quality and security is in our DNA,” said Martin Leach, head of product centre cellular at U-Blox. “At U-Blox, we consider security of the utmost importance and therefore stay abreast of the evolving regulatory landscape to ensure that our products are always compliant with the latest security guidelines. We include security in all stages of development and approach security regulations compliance through established industry standards, making it easier for our customers to develop secure and top-quality products. A special thanks to Eurofins E&E, our partner, who played a pivotal role in this achievement.”

Eurofins E&E worked with U-Blox on this project by providing cyber-security certification, testing and evaluation services covering standards such as EN 303 645, IEC 62443 and EU Notified Body services for the Red article 3.3 d/e/f.

Moving forward, all U-Blox cellular modules will comply with the Etsi EN 303 645 cyber-security standard and all subsequent leading industry standards.

With headquarters in Thalwil, Switzerland, U-Blox (www.u-blox.com) has offices in Europe, Asia and the USA.