Telit turns IoT into subscription service

  • August 13, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Telit has introduced IoT-as-a-service subscription plans including modules, software, services and connectivity, enabling system integrators and businesses with fast, trial and large-scale IoT deployments.
The Italian company has announced packaged plans for connectivity and OneEdge to slash the time and complexity associated with adding IoT to devices and services for consumer and enterprise applications.
The IoT-as-a-service packaged plans transform nearly all of IoT integration into an operating expense and provide businesses with the cellular module, software, services and network connectivity they need to launch IoT applications quickly and cost-effectively.
With the addition of the Primo and Lungo plans, businesses can transform more of their IoT investment – modules, software, services and network connectivity – into an operating expense.
“As IoT adoption continues reaching beyond traditional verticals, we see an increased demand for the full breadth of IoT functionality, not only being delivered in packages to simplify integration and operation, but also being delivered more and more as a service,” said Dan Shey, managing director at ABI Research. “Telit is taking the next steps in driving new industry trends.”
The Lungo plan includes the ME910C1 LTE Cat-M1 and NB1 module, connectivity and an array of security, device management, connectivity management and data orchestration features. OneEdge enabled modules offer the benefits of LwM2M, a protocol designed to reduce power and data consumption in response to the growing demands of IoT, particularly massive IoT expected in 5G.
The plans let businesses create and manage IoT project budgets, using fixed pricing, and suit greenfield and proof-of-concept projects.
The Primo plan lets users contract the same set of services, licences and subscriptions in the Lungo plan for any existing or separately purchased OneEdge-capable Telit module.
Introduced in February 2019, OneEdge solves problems related to IoT integration, scalability, management and costs. The OneEdge software embedded in Telit modules eliminates the complexity that increases the cost and lead time of connecting modules to back-office systems.
More than a dozen module variants provide integrators with the flexibility to choose from regional to worldwide variants in different sizes and form factors.
Zero-touch onboarding makes products operate automatically out of the box, lowering costs of an initial deployment, making it simpler and more secure. Device management standards-based LwM2M allows more efficient control of the module and data objects than MQTT and other legacy protocols, enabling and maintaining the device connection to the cloud or enterprise.
They are security built-in at the point of manufacture, leveraging layers of security from the module, transport to delivery of information to user systems.
Simplified enterprise integration enables critical integration of IoT data into enterprise systems and business processes.
There is cellular IoT coverage over tier-one networks in more than 200 countries.
Cellular subscription management includes optional SimWise, which integrates the SIM functionality as software directly into the module, providing a reduction in cost and complexity for IoT deployments.
“OneEdge has won seven awards for being a breakthrough in simplifying all aspects of IoT implementation for our customers, saving them time, money and risk while speeding time to revenue,” said Manish Watwani, chief marketing and product officer at Telit. “With the launch of these IoT-as-a-service plans, we’re providing integrators and providers with business-friendly, cost-effective turnkey plans to transform their entire IoT investment – including the module – into a single, predictable operating expense. It’s yet another game changer from Telit, one that transforms IoT into a subscription service.”