Telit partners Argentina’s Chamber for IoT

  • November 16, 2022
  • William Payne

Telit has entered a strategic relationship with Argentina’s Chamber of IoT, the Cámara Argentina de IoT (CAIoT). A member association that works to stimulate the IoT market, CAIoT addresses regulatory and legal aspects, facilitates contact between the demand and supply of IoT solutions, enhances knowledge of all verticals of this industry, and encourages the dissemination and promotion of IoT as a new growth engine for the Internet in Argentina and beyond.

Argentina is South America’s second largest economy, after Brazil, and its largest Spanish speaking economy. It has one of the most developed economies in Latin America, with major car manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and agricultural sectors. Since 2020, it has achieved GDP growth of over 14%

Through the partnership with CAIoT, Telit aims to bolster member companies focused on IoT with its portfolio of offerings while expanding its market share in the emerging South American market.

With IoT changing the development of the internet in Argentina and other Spanish speaking countries in South America, CAIoT promotes the technologies, applications and solutions that are available to strengthen IoT projects of member businesses. With the participation of public and private entities, including government agencies, private and public companies, cooperatives, academic entities and scientific organisations, it helps further the development, research and implementation of IoT and artificial intelligence for the benefit of users and the community.

“We are pleased to join forces with CAIoT, a true catalyst providing a forum for discussion and exchange of information on products and services, as well as national and foreign applications that accelerate IoT adoption and innovation in the region,” said Fernando Guerra, LATAM regional sales director, Telit. “By partnering with Telit, CAIoT members can be confident that they have access to the most advanced solutions that span a wide range of industries and verticals.”