Telit NB-IoT modules suit power sensitive applications

  • April 14, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Telit has launched the NE310L2 series of 3GPP release 14 compliant NB-IoT modules.

Featuring claimed best-in-class power consumption, optional 2G fallback, a compact footprint and future integrated SIM support, the modules are for low-bandwidth, cost-sensitive applications that require long battery life and enhanced coverage.

The NE310L2 series uses the ALT1255 cellular IoT chipset from Sony. The low-power LTE Cat-NB2 chipset has an integrated SIM (iSIM), global LTE bands support, application layer, and GSM and GPRS fallback modem.

The 5G-ready ALT1255 is for battery-powered, cost-sensitive, worldwide LPWA applications such as utility meters, medical devices, logistic trackers and industrial controllers.

Features of the NE310L2 include:

  • A 13.1 by 14.3mm footprint (NE310L2-W1 version) for integration in size-constrained devices.
  • 2G fallback with a 15 by 18mm form factor (NE310L2-WW) to ensure service in regions with mixed NB-IoT and 2G network coverage.
  • Power saving mode and extended discontinuous reception for battery-operated devices.
  • 23dBm output power (power class 3) to increase uplink coverage reliability and performance.

In a future release, the NE310L2 will add NB-IoT connectivity inside the module through an iSIM based on an integrated hardware secure element (iSE) that is compliant with industry security requirements.

As a member of Telit’s xE310 family, the NE310L2 has pin-to-pin compatibility, enabling integrators to design a single PCB layout and deploy any combination of 2G and 4G technologies.

“With the new NE310L2 series of 3GPP rel 14 compliant NB-IoT modules, Telit is once again anticipating and meeting the IoT market’s rapidly evolving needs, including for affordable but feature-rich devices that can be deployed at mass scale,” said Manish Watwani, chief marketing and product officer at Telit. “Powered by Sony’s new Altair ALT1255 cellular IoT chipset, the Telit NE310L2 gives OEMs, integrators and other businesses a unique set of capabilities that will enable them to grow their markets and expand into new ones.”