Telit boosts NExTPlus eUICC SIM roaming

  • October 5, 2022
  • William Payne

Telit has added a leading service provider’s local native IoT profile to its eUICC-compliant NExTPlus SIM. This allows IoT customers to overcome permanent roaming restrictions by zero-touch switching between Telit network NExT and local MNO profiles from a single SIM.

The one-SIM, full-lifecycle, multi-IMSI, multi-profile solution with the new service provider’s IoT profile is designed for multi-country deployments where one of the markets is the US, as it enables a single SKU for the customer to manage all aspects of the IoT deployment at scale.

Telit NExTPlus customers deploying in the US can leverage the local native service provider’s profile – whether preinstalled or downloaded – to overcome roaming issues and improve the quality of service. With NExTPlus, customers are ensured end-to-end compatibility between the SIM, module and the service provider’s cellular networks and gain the ability to remotely and securely change the attributes and features of the SIM and module using Telit’s Connectivity Management Platform across the provider’s mobile networks as they exist now and in the future.

“Given rapidly advancing technology and business models, the IoT connectivity ecosystem can bring about unknowable disruptions. With IoT becoming an integral part of devices across all industries, a true global SIM with no limitations and with billing, monitoring, IoT orchestration and platform all from a single vendor, offers a competitive advantage,” said Tomer Lavie, Head of Connectivity Business Unit, Telit. “Telit NExTPlus delivers both global coverage and the flexibility required to optimise coverage and costs across network technologies, including LTE-M, NB-IoT, VoLTE and 5G. These capabilities are increasingly critical as mobile networks around the world ramp up the pace of evolution with new cellular services and operating parameters.”