Telit acquires custom IoT specialist Mobilogix

  • August 31, 2022
  • William Payne

Telit has acquired Mobilogix, a California-based start-up specialising in custom IoT solutions. The acquisition allows Telit to expand in the growing segment of IoT customisation for companies aiming to reduce IoT project complexity and accelerate time to market. The acquisition adds comprehensive device engineering expertise and resources that focus on optimising specifications for hand-off to electronic manufacturing services, original device manufacturing, and the attainment of regulatory approvals and carrier certifications.

The IoT customisation market is an expanding segment as customers look to streamline their IoT implementation projects. IoT customisation helps firms reduce business risk, project time, cost, and complexity

“We built Mobilogix into a successful global business with razor sharp focus on creating competitive, custom IoT solutions quickly for customers in verticals like telematics, micro-mobility, healthcare, construction, and agriculture, sourcing modules and connectivity from across the IoT value chain,” said Mathi Gurusamy, CEO of Mobilogix. “Bringing solutions together with all-Telit modules, connectivity and platforms makes custom design much more efficient for our large and small customers to get to market. As part of Telit, we can create these projects faster and reach a much larger market.”

“From Fortune 500 to start-ups, companies adopting IoT prefer to start from a business idea or a vision and turn them directly into viable, competitive, ready-to-launch devices and solutions — without taking focus away from their core businesses,” said Paolo Dal Pino, CEO of Telit. “We have award-winning, industry-leading modules, connectivity, and platforms at Telit. The addition of the Mobilogix expertise in design and industrialisation, gives us the ability to build end-to-end custom solutions — fully utilising all our offerings — for our customers, so they can focus on their business and objectives.”

Upon closing, Irvine-based Mobilogix will relocate personnel and offices into Telit’s new Irvine headquarters.