TE wireless accelerometer meets LoRaWan specifications

  • April 1, 2020
  • imc

Swiss firm TE Connectivity is addressing the sensors market need with the release of a wireless accelerometer to LoRaWan specifications using edge computing.
Aimed primarily at reducing downtime in condition monitoring applications, the 8911 wireless accelerometer can help companies get more from their assets by increasing availability and reducing installation costs. Condition monitoring systems are key to improving the uptime of machinery.
The LoRaWan specification is a low power, wide area networking protocol designed to connect battery operated devices wirelessly to the internet. This protocol provides longer transmission distance and is less susceptible to external signal interference. It also offers secure means of expanding condition-based maintenance into plant areas where the cost to install wired systems is prohibitive, making data available to existing process control and information systems.
LoRaWan can be implemented on a managed network or on a user’s own private network.
The accelerometer provides ambient temperature and calculates FFTs in the device. It transmits the relevant top eight peak frequencies and combines a sensor, data collector and a LoRaWan radio into one compact, battery-operated device.
It was designed with a corrosion resistant stainless steel case and plastic cover measuring 3.2cm hex by 7.9cm high, the same as existing cable versions. Its mounting footprint and stud size are standard to enable fast installation on existing and new machinery.
The rugged stainless steel sensor housing with IP66 rated O-ring seal allows the sensor to perform well in harsh environments.
This sensor has up to ten years of battery life based on a certain sampling interval. It uses a piezo-electric sensing element, which has the advantage of high bandwidth, better measurement resolution and lower power compared with MEMS products, enabling longer battery life and enhanced machine failure detection.
“The 8911 wireless accelerometer combines a sensor, data collector, digital signal processor and radio into one compact, battery-operated device that measures both vibration and temperature data,” said Bjorn Ryden, director of product management for TE’s sensors business. “We are confident that our customers will benefit from this product and be impressed by its ability to provide top performance in continuous health monitoring of critical industrial machinery.”
TE Connectivity is a $13bn industrial technology company with nearly 80,000 employees, including more than 8000 engineers, working alongside customers in 150 countries.