Tartabit strengthens bridge to Microsoft Azure

  • July 7, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

At last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Tartabit announced LwM2M 1.1 server support as part of the IoT bridge LPWAN to the Microsoft Azure integration service.

In addition, Tartabit has joined the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) to help improve the specification and further promote adoption of LwM2M as a device management technology for low-powered wide-area (LPWA) devices.

Florida-based Tartabit recognises the inherent advantages of the latest OMA standards regarding data plan optimisation, reduced power consumption and device management. These known advantages with Tartabit’s mission of reducing IoT adopter development and deployment problems should contribute to the acceleration of the LPWA IoT market.

As a provider of Microsoft Azure IoT cloud gateway offerings, Tartabit’s IoT bridge continues to expand the number and types of IoT devices that will seamlessly integrate with Azure IoT services. Providing additional standard protocol onboarding for Azure extends market reach and supports a growing IoT device maker and provider ecosystem.

Tartabit has also released IoT bridge templates in support of select Nordic Semiconductor, Telit and Quectel LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT devices and development kits. Tartabit provides a vendor neutral, standard on-ramp to Microsoft services with flexible SaaS public and private, and cloud deployment models, all with the goal of creating a flexible and cost optimised LPWAN bridge into Azure IoT.

“Today’s announcement reinforces our dedication to the rapidly growing LPWAN sector of the IoT market,” said Fred Yentz, CEO of Tartabit. “With the return of Mobile World Congress, a renewed level of enthusiasm seems to be in the air making it the right time and place to announce our support for the Open Mobile Alliance in addition to IoT bridge’s LWM2M 1.1 based templates for Microsoft Azure. Frictionless integration of LPWAN devices will speed the adoption of OMA standards and contribute to the growth of our industry.”

Seth Newberry, general manager of OMA SpecWorks, added: “OMA SpecWorks is pleased to welcome Tartabit to the community of contributors and implementers of LwM2M. OMA has a rich history of developing mobile service layer specifications with over 200 unique specifications in its portfolio. First released in 2018, LwM2M along with its IPSO objects provides device management and service enablement capabilities for managing the entire lifecycle of the IoT device.”