T-Systems and AWS expand collaboration

  • December 28, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

T-Systems is expanding its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage the digital transformation of companies more quickly, efficiently and securely.

The companies have announced a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA). Customers should benefit from faster cloud migration of applications, compute and storing, and enhanced security for T-Systems cloud offerings.

“Since the beginning of our relationship with AWS, we have built up expertise in AWS technology and combined it with our extensive experience from major transformation projects,” said Adel Al-Saleh, member of the Deutsche Telekom board of management and CEO of T-Systems. “Our customers appreciate this.”

This applies around the globe. Very recently, one of Europe’s largest automobile manufacturers commissioned T-Systems to set up an AWS environment for networking vehicles. In Brazil, BR Matozinhos, a large foundry, migrated SAP to the cloud with the help of T-Systems without interruption of ongoing operations.

LucaNet, a Germany-based specialist for financial performance management and consulting, was looking for a flexible and secure cloud infrastructure to support its international expansion. Based on AWS, T-Systems built a system that allowed LucaNet to scale globally and establish fully managed operations support.

“T-Systems has a proven track record of delivering solutions complying with challenging security requirements while preserving the agility of the public cloud,” said Stefan Nagel, team lead at LucaNet. “In addition to proven cloud security experts, T-Systems also has certified AWS security specialists.”

T-Systems is also the service provider for several business units within its parent company, Deutsche Telekom, and has delivered migrations and managed cloud services including network and security on AWS.

“We are delighted to work with T-Systems to address the unique requirements of enterprises and public sector organisations in the Emea region, as well as globally,” said Doug Yeum, AWS head of global partner organisation. “T-Systems’ strong focus on migration of enterprise workloads, hybrid cloud, analytics and managed services offers customers a one-stop-shop to support them in their cloud transformation journeys.” 

The T-Systems’ security concept includes globally available cloud security. This is designed to protect customer workloads against unauthorised access. T-Systems has experience in cloud security and operates its own security operations centre. As a certified AWS managed service provider, the business customer division follows the security-by-design principle. What is more, AWS and T-Systems agreed to collaborate closely to achieve the targets recently set by European regulations.

T-Systems has bundled its entire know-how in its cloud migration framework. It consists of methods that are derived from the experience of managing complex IT landscapes, experience in applications operations and management, securely migrating corporate workloads and managing innovative multi-cloud systems. The company has about 2200 cloud architects and an additional 1000 AWS experts.

The strategic collaboration agreement supports T-Systems to build out capacity in both technology and people through a training and enablement programme. The ICT service provider intends to train 3000 additional AWS experts as part of the collaboration.

Customers should benefit from T-Systems’ ability to migrate applications highly automated on a large scale and from its expertise in developing cloud-native applications. The full framework covers three steps: strategy consulting and assessment; automated migration based on factory-like processes; and managed services including application modernisation.

The expanded collaboration comes at a time when many companies plan to migrate their relevant systems and applications, such as SAP, to the cloud. T-Systems and AWS are therefore bundling experience and expertise to enable customers to accelerate their transformation.