T-Mobile developer kit acts as innovation platform

  • November 23, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

T-Mobile has launched its first IoT developer kit to let developers connect to and build for the T-Mobile network immediately, with no strings attached.

The kit is available through T-Mobile DevEdge, the firm’s self-serve developer platform that launched earlier this year. DevEdge and the IoT developer kit can democratise access to the network, making it faster and easier for any developer to create connected services.

“For years, the carriers have stymied, stifled and slowed wireless innovation, with their limited support, inaccessible experts and bureaucratic processes to just get access to their networks,” said a T-Mobile statement. “Building for wireless should be easy. With platforms like DevEdge and the IoT developer kit, T-Mobile is empowering developers to use T-Mobile’s leading network as a platform for innovation, creating an ecosystem that fosters and fuels wireless development.”

Start-ups such as Pano AI and InDro Robotics are leveraging T-Mobile’s network to build connected services.

With the kit, designers get:

  • A fully functional out-of-the-box kit, that automatically connects to the T-Mobile network. No coding required.
  • A complete software development kit (SDK), built on the Zephyr real-time operating system, for easy integration with cloud services and flexibility in resource-constrained environments.
  • Access to free APIs, such as device location, SMS notifications and diagnostic tools.
  • A Cat-M IoT network SIM with speeds up to 375kbit/s. The SIM includes 500Mbyte of data and 200 SMS messages for testing throughout the development process.
  • Embedded sensors and radios. No need to buy and connect them separately.
  • Built-in debugging capabilities, for real-time programming, with no add-on devices required.
  • Bluetooth and wifi enabled functionality to support flexibility with additional use cases.
  • Companion web and mobile apps for easy prototyping with access to sensor data such as temperature or position.
  • Self-serve access to DevEdge and network resources, making it easy to start developing immediately.

“T-Mobile is opening doors for innovators of all kinds, making building for wireless simple and easy, the way it should be,” said Rob Roy, senior vice president at T-Mobile. “As the un-carrier, we’re empowering developers, no matter their size or what stage of the development process they’re in, to create innovative connected solutions. Our IoT developer kit, a fully functional out-of-the-box kit that connects seamlessly to our leading network, is our next big step in driving that innovation forward.”