Surface mount switches target small IoT devices

  • December 14, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Chicago-based electronic component maker Littelfuse has introduced a series of miniature, surface-mounted, low profile, waterproof tactile switches for smart wearables, health monitoring devices and other battery-powered IoT devices.

These IoT devices are driving the need for a higher density of active components integration, seamless rounded screens, and additional functions in increasingly smaller spaces. The result is a demand for the switch interface to be smaller.

The C&K Switches NanoT products are said to be the smallest tactileoffering on the market. They give product designers room to build additional functionality into their design or reduce their printed circuit board (PCB) size.

The NanoT is for use in a wide range of wearable and portable consumer electronics, including hearing aids, health monitoring devices, smartwatches, portable IoT devices and headsets.

“We are excited to release the NanoT switches, the world’s smallest tactile solution currently available for high-end portable, wearable consumer and medical applications,” said Daisy Liu, global product manager at C&K Switches, now part of Littelfuse. “They provide the smallest size, IP67 waterproof tact switch available. They use the surface-mount technology reflow process for the top version and pin-in-paste reflow process for the side version. As a result, this product addresses the market’s demand for smaller components while providing our customers with the ability to deliver high quality and high performance in their latest designs.”

The side-actuated package is 2.2 by 1.70 by 1.65mm and the top-actuated package 2.1 by 1.65 by 0.55mm.

Life cycles are up to 300,000. IP67 protection provides end-users with the reliability of waterproof functionality. Operation force options are 100, 160 and 240gf.

They are available in tape and reel format in quantities of 8000 pieces for the top version and 7500 for the side version.

Acquired by Littelfuse earlier this year, C&K Switches is a designer and manufacturer of electromechanical switches and interconnects with a presence across a broad range of markets, including automotive, industrial, medical, transportation, aerospace and datacoms.

Littelfuse is an industrial technology manufacturing company operating across more than 15 countries, and with approximately 17,000 global associates. It serves over 100,000 end customers in industrial, transportation and electronics markets.