Steute wireless network for digitalised production

  • April 21, 2020
  • imc

The Nexy wireless sensor network from German company Steute facilitates the transmission of sensor data to the IoT or other superordinate IT systems in a production environment.
Different sensors and electromechanical switches, as well as actuators and command devices, can be integrated in this wireless network. They transmit and receive data via the SWave.Net wireless standard developed by Steute.
Access points collect data from the wireless sensors and actuators and forward them to a sensor bridge, which acts as a service manager, responsible for passing the data on to superordinate company IT platforms. The result is uninterrupted communications from the shop floor all the way up to the management levels of the customer’s IT system.
A dashboard provides visualisation of the status of all terminal devices integrated in the network.
One characteristic of the software is its simple adaptation to individual requirements. For diverse applications, such as eKanban or AGV fleets, the firm already has appropriate products.
An additional feature is the fact that this network is open: Steute has its own range of wireless network-compatible sensors, but if an application should demand the integration of other sensor types that Steute does not provide, these sensors can simply be fitted with an SWave.Net module and also be used within the network. This opens up the possibilities for using and expanding the wireless network.
In the latest version, all connected SWave.Net field devices can receive firmware updates remotely. Updates are sent to the sensor bridge and from there distributed throughout the local network. In this way, all terminal devices always run on the latest software with minimum effort.
In addition, users can store the current configuration of the sensor bridge and thus the entire parameterisation of the wireless network on an FTP drive automatically. In this software version, the sensor bridge also communicates with the user’s SAP system via an additional SAP connector.
Nexy digitalises, integrates and automates the production process. For users this is said to mean quick, easy and individual realisation of IT projects.