SparkFun development board connects IoT projects

  • February 14, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Colorado-based SparkFun Electronics has released a wireless development board to provide seamless connectivity for IoT projects.

The ESP32-C6 Thing Plus uses technologies from Chinese firm Espressif (, and completes the firm’s first major roadmap for development boards using ESP-based modules.

At its core is the ESP32-C6 Wroom-1-N16 module from Espressif, featuring a Risc-V single-core processor, flash memory and an array of wireless connectivity options. This development board opens doors to 2.4GHz Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.3, Zigbee and Thread (802.15.4) capabilities for IoT projects.

A MicroSD card slot provides expansion capabilities for a project. The Qwiic connector seamlessly integrates the Thing Plus with SparkFun’s ecosystem of sensors.

Equipped with a LiPo battery charger and fuel gauge, the Thing Plus ensures efficient power management. It can be connected via USB-C or a LiPo battery with the two-pin JST connector for primary power and programming.

With a Feather-compatible footprint, this board is versatile and fits into various setups. There are 23 GPIO pins with spaced PTH headers for increased flexibility.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the SparkFun Thing Plus ESP32-C6,” said Kirk Benell, CTO at SparkFun Electronics. “This board combines performance, affordability and ease of use, empowering makers to bring their next-generation IoT projects to life. It underscores our commitment to offering comprehensive development boards for all skill levels and project needs.”

This board ( joins SparkFun’s catalogue of nearly 50 live Espressif-based products, including a slew of ESP-based development boards released in the past year: