Sigfox to connect million water meters in Mexico

  • August 23, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson
From the left, Henri Bong, Marco Mendoza and Daniel Philippe Guevara.

WaterMeter and WND Mexico are deploying one million water meters on UnaBiz’s Sigfox network in Mexico.

The three companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to revolutionise water management in Mexico. This alliance aims to deploy a million water meters using Sigfox 0G technology throughout Mexico over the next ten years, offering innovations for the accurate, efficient and sustainable measurement of water for the benefit of communities and the environment.

Leveraging WND’s 0G network, this collaboration should facilitate the efficient monitoring and management of water resources.

As the operator of the Sigfox network in Mexico, WND is committed to providing coverage crucial to the successful deployment of water metering powered by 0G technology across the country. This alliance reinforces WND Mexico’s dedication to supporting IoT innovations.

As the owner of Sigfox 0G technology, UnaBiz guarantees the continuity and longevity of the network and services in Mexico for the next 15 years. With a track record of connecting more than two million gas and water meters worldwide through the global 0G network, UnaBiz brings experience to this collaboration.

WaterMeter is an expert in water measurement, and embraces Sigfox 0G technology because of its ability to communicate equipment in a dispersed or sectorised way without the need to install concentrator antennas, repeaters or gateways on public poles.

This alliance between WaterMeter, WND Mexico and UnaBiz is based on a shared long-term business vision. Recognising the critical importance of security, stability and continuity in the utility market, the trio aims to redefine water measurement in Mexico and beyond.

Currently, the 0G network covers more than 60% of the national population with the commitment to deploy in a few days. After the success of the first stage applied to horizontal and vertical condominiums nationwide, the second step has been called the essence of the IoT technology for everyone, everywhere.

“Our customers expect water metering that meets their basic needs,” said Marco Mendoza, CEO of WaterMeter. “This is precisely why we are committed to Sigfox 0G technology, which allows us to read meters remotely cost-effectively, predictably and extremely energy-efficiently. Together with WND Mexico and UnaBiz, we will connect millions of water meters in Mexico.”

Daniel Philippe Guevara, CEO of WND Mexico, added: “We are excited to partner with WaterMeter and UnaBiz to pave the way to a smarter and more sustainable Mexico. As the operator of Mexico’s 0G network, WND is fully dedicated to providing solid coverage essential for deploying IoT powered by Sigfox 0G technology, including water metering. We share a long-term vision with WaterMeter, recognising the importance of safety, stability and continuity in the utility market. We hope to transform the smart water metering landscape with one million connected water meters over the next ten years.”

And Henri Bong, CEO of UnaBiz, said: “At UnaBiz, we are committed to leveraging our experience as owners of Sigfox 0G technology to ensure the continuity and durability of the network and services in Mexico for the next 15 years. With a proven track record of connecting more than 2.6 million meters around the world through the Sigfox 0G network, we are confident that, together with WaterMeter, we will deliver water metering that will help Mexican municipalities address the challenges of water scarcity, non-technical losses and water leaks. With a long-term business vision, our goal is to modernise the water management system in Mexico, promote water conservation and ensure the country’s sustainable and efficient use of water resources.”

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