Seven IoT providers say yes to EchoStar in Europe

  • July 5, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Seven European IoT service providers have signed multi-year commercial agreements to develop and sell IoT offerings using EchoStar Mobile’s pan-European, satellite based, LoRa-enabled network.

API-K, Cyric, DalesLandNet, Dryad, Galaxy1, ProEsys and Symes are leveraging the real-time network to enable massive IoT deployments for applications such as outdoor personal geo-safety, soil moisture monitoring, early forest fire detection, utility metering and pipeline monitoring.

“We thank these innovative customers for choosing the EchoStar Mobile IoT network to meet their requirements for real-time, bidirectional sensor connectivity across agritech, utility, consumer recreational tracking and environmental markets,” said Telemaco Melia, vice president at EchoStar Mobile. “These deployments validate our customer value proposition by integrating seamlessly into the existing IoT ecosystem, achieving ubiquitous service continuity for our customers without requiring expensive terrestrial infrastructure.”

Compatible with Semtech’s LoRa-enabled wireless platform for device connectivity, the geostationary, EchoStar XXI S-band satellite delivers pervasive, two-way connectivity seamlessly across Europe without requiring roaming agreements across geographies. To add the satellite capability to their IoT services, users can upgrade existing commercially deployed devices with the low power and compact EchoStar Mobile EM2050 dual-mode satellite-terrestrial module.

EchoStar in Europe operates a mobile satellite system (MSS) network using the geostationary EchoStar XXI satellite. Globally, EchoStar is developing an S-band constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, called EchoStar Lyra, to support IoT connectivity as the company explores development of a global non-terrestrial 5G network in the S-band.

Colorado-based EchoStar is a technology and networking services provider offering consumer, enterprise, operator and government technology worldwide under its Hughes, HughesNet and EchoStar brands. In Europe, EchoStar operates under its EchoStar Mobile subsidiary and in Australia, the company operates as EchoStar Global Australia.