Sateliot joins GCF to push 3GPP availability

  • March 22, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Sateliot is the first satellite operator to become a member of the Global Certification Forum (GCF).

The Sateliot LEO constellation offers NB-IoT connectivity from space under the 3GPP standard.

The collaboration should align and speed up the market availability of certified 3GPP Rel-17 NTN LEO-supported IoT chipsets and modules.

The GCF certification programme assures device-network interoperability, as well as contributing to a reduction in testing costs and accelerated time to market. In addition, both companies aim to bring ecosystem players together to support the massive adoption of IoT across the globe.

The GCF recently introduced the 3GPP Rel-17 NB-IoT/eMTC support for non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) specification into its certification programme, which will support satellite-based IoT access from devices to address massive use cases in sectors such as agriculture, transport and logistics.

Gianluca Redolfi.

“This unprecedented agreement in the space industry sends a clear message that Sateliot’s technology is ground-breaking and disrupting the satellite industry,” said Gianluca Redolfi, Sateliot’s CCO. “It’s no secret that, in the future, most IoT devices will work under standard protocols as is happening on terrestrial communications.”

Lars Nielsen, GCF’s CEO, added: “We are pleased to announce the first standards-based satellite operator joining the Global Certification Forum. We anticipate other satellite operators and manufacturers will follow, making interoperable, 3GPP standards-based cellular NTN access a reality soon.”

Lars Nielsen.

The first outcomes of this interoperability between satellite and cellular are expected by the end of 2023, allowing single devices to access two different connectivity modes – terrestrial and non-terrestrial.

Sateliot is launching a LEO satellite constellation based on the 5G standard, allowing commercial unmodified cellular IoT devices to connect from space.

The GCF is a non-profit, global, membership driven organisation that has been shaping the industry since 1999 with mobile technology at the core. It has over 300 members from major operators, MVNOs, major device and IoT manufacturers, and the test industry, working with industry partners on certification programmes.