Renesas module supports LTE Cat-M1

  • June 2, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Japanese electronics company Renesas has introduced a cellular IoT module supporting LTE Cat-M1 and announced partnerships with Sequans and One Tech.

The RYZ014A allows devices to connect directly to the internet without the need for a gateway by relying on the existing communications infrastructure owned by mobile network operators. This makes it economical to connect each device, which is especially beneficial when installing larger networks that require a low cost per unit.

The pre-tested, pre-certified RYZ014A lets users to quickly and cost-effectively implement wireless IoT applications across the globe.

The module solves design and certification problems compared with building a wireless IoT application from scratch. This includes RF regulatory certification, PTCRB and GCF certification, and carrier certification for the user’s network operator of choice.

The module is built on proven technology both from a hardware and software perspective and is delivered fully tested and calibrated. It has been certified with all major radio frequency regulations in the world as well as with leading network operators in North America, Apac and Europe. Cellular IoT is one of the pillars of Renesas’ connectivity strategy that also includes Bluetooth Low Energy, UWB ultra-wide band and Wi-Sun.

“Building wireless IoT networks around the world can be costly and time consuming,” saidRoger Wendelken, senior vice president at Renesas. “The RYZ014A module delivers a proven solution from the IoT leader that saves time and money for customers no matter where they are. We have received enthusiastic responses from customers in metering, smart home, infrastructure and industrial markets, where they can seamlessly interface Renesas MCU-based applications to the internet through their cellular network of choice.”

Renesas is teaming up with French firm Sequans Communications, a developer and provider of 5G and 4G chips and modules for IoT, on the RYZ014A modules. Sequans offers the Monarch LTE Cat-M1 hardware and software technology used in the module, and has experience implementing wireless IoT worldwide.

“This product is a great example of the benefits customers enjoy from the combination of our two technologies,” said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO. “Sequans’ Monarch technology is an outstanding complement to the unmatched MCU expertise that Renesas provides.”

Renesas offers users a web-based portal, managed by One Tech, that provides easy access to read sensor values and manage SIM card plans remotely, reducing operating cost.

“One Tech is excited to bring our embedded AI and cloud technology to market in conjunction with the Renesas Cat-M1 module to power a global intelligent device to cloud architecture,” said Yasser Khan, CEO of One Tech. “By offering embedded intelligence within the device, along with our enterprise-grade platform, customers of the Cat-M1 module will be able to easily build, manage and scale to hundreds and thousands of next generation smart machines in a cost-effective end-to-end ecosystem.”

Renesas has combined the RYZ014A modules with other components from its portfolio, including power ICs, Li-ion battery charger, light-to-digital sensor and multiple RA family MCUs to create certified combinations that let users quickly implement complete remote industrial process monitoring and automatic plant watering systems with an LTE connection. There are more than 200 such combinations that include compatible devices that work together seamlessly for a wide range of applications and end products.

The module supports world-wide frequency bands in one design, removing the need to create multiple platforms for different global regions. Its high output power supports both power class options 20 and 23dBm. Current consumption in power saving mode is 1µA.

The module is available today along with evaluation kits.