Qualcomm powers Fibocom Linux-based smart modules

  • April 17, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson
  • Fibocom

At this month’s Embedded World in Nuremberg, Fibocom unveiled a series of Linux-based edge AI products powered by Qualcomm technology.

Fibocom’s SC171, SC171L, SC138 and SC126 smart modules are based on the Qualcomm QCM6490, QCS6490, QCM5430, QCS5430, QCM6125 and QCM2290 processors with an integrated Linux system. They are for Linux-based industrial applications with robust connectivity and scalable operating system compatibility, and can accelerate the integration of 5G and edge AI across emerging industries such as robotics.

Fibocom wants to intensify Linux-focused embedded computing intelligence and leverage expertise in edge AI to help industries realise responsive decision-making, real-time communication and reliable interoperability in industrial automation, smart manufacturing and smart retailing.

At the heart of Industry 4.0, interoperability is crucial for operators to get insights into the equipment’s performance. This series is poised to advance the industrial applications that need wireless connection with a designed-in Linux operating system for easy integration and a long lifecycle.

By adopting Linux-supported Fibocom smart modules, Linux engineers around the world have the ability to develop industrial devices such as industrial PCs (IPCs), edge AI workstations, smart PoS terminals and industrial routers with higher efficiency as well as multimedia processing capabilities.

Using the stability and reliability of the Linux system, the Linux-based edge AI products integrated with Qualcomm-powered smart modules can ease the concerns of diverse system integration to industrial control systems and enable the round-the-clock data transmission and management of industrial equipment with low risk of malfunction and downtime.

The Linux-based edge AI products are flexible and customisable, compatible with industrial standards, and can be deployed in IPCs, industrial cameras, edge AI workstations, smart PoS terminals and robotics.

“We are proud to collaborate with Fibocom to help them develop Linux-based edge AI for industrial applications,” said Dev Singh, vice president at Qualcomm (www.qualcomm.com). “By utilising Fibocom’s smart modules and Qualcomm’s powerful processors, Fibocom is enabling the integration of advanced edge AI technologies, empowering industries with responsive decision-making and real-time communication capabilities.”

Fibocom’s SC171 Linux-based smart module has been integrated into a robotic lawn mower using an edge AI algorithm, giving it capabilities in environmental perception, positioning, map construction, path planning, autonomous obstacle avoidance and seamless wireless connectivity.

The robotic lawn mower can autonomously navigate without using boundary cables. The AI-based lawn recognition algorithm uses outdoor cameras to achieve accurate detection and planning of the lawn boundaries. It also includes responsive obstacle avoidance and automatic recharging, in addition to the mapping function and an edge-cutting mode to facilitate precise mowing even at the sides.

“We have a clear vision for the edge AI-enabled future and, with the collaboration with Qualcomm, we will continue building the Linux-based edge AI-driven core for industrial-focused markets,” said Ralph Zhao, vice president at Fibocom (www.fibocom.com). “The first landed implementation in the robotic industry has infused confidence into the utilisation of both Fibocom and Qualcomm’s strength to empower an intelligent, future-promising digitalised world.”

Fibocom won an Embedded Computing Design Best in Show award during Embedded World for its SC171 5G premium smart module in the mining industry. Based on the Qualcomm QCM6490 chipset, the module delivers up to 12Tops and supports mainstream 5G frequency bands for high-speed, reliable connectivity.