Qualcomm modem validated for NTT Docomo LTE-M network

  • June 10, 2020
  • imc

California-based Qualcomm has completed validation of its 9205 LTE IoT modem’s capabilities for Japanese network operator NTT Docomo’s 3GPP Release-14 LTE-M network.
The modem is for multimode IoT connectivity around the world. Thanks to its Power Class 5 multi-band power amplifier, integrated RF front-end and small form factor, it can reduce power consumption by up to 70% in idle mode compared to its predecessor. This can be critical for battery-powered IoT devices that need to operate for ten years or longer in the field.
The modem is also half the size and more cost-effective than its predecessor, making it suitable for the low-power, wide-area, small form factor requirements of modern IoT.
“We are pleased to validate the performance of our cutting-edge Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem on NTT Docomo’s operational network,” said Vieri Vanghi, vice president at Qualcomm. “The Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem offers a fully integrated Power Class 5 amplifier and RF front end, along with highly energy-efficient multimode capabilities and integrated GNSS and cloud SDK offerings, to drive LTE IoT that is both powerful in performance and economical with long-lasting battery life.”
Takeshi Higuchi, general manager of NTT Docomo’s communication device development department, added: “We are pleased that Qualcomm Technologies has completed the testing of their Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem on our LTE-M network. We believe that with its low power consumption and support for other essential requirements for IoT devices, the Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem meets the key factors needed for cutting-edge IoT implementation and makes IoT devices more attractive on our LTE-M network.”