Percepio eases debugging of Azure IoT systems

  • November 22, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Swedish firm Percepio has improved support for Microsoft Azure and Azure RTOS Thread X in Tracealyzer, two enhancements that should ease the development and debugging of Azure IoT systems.

As part of the improvements, Percepio has integrated its trace recorder in Thread X, adding support for streaming recording where trace data are sent continuously to the host system and stored there. For Thread X users, this means they can capture much longer software traces, spanning hours or even days, such as for burn-in testing or profiling, or when looking for rare errors. Streaming support also enables live visualisation, that is displaying the trace in real time while it is recorded.

Furthermore, Tracealyzer has been enhanced to work with DevAlert, Percepio’s cloud service for monitoring deployed IoT devices, running on Azure. DevAlert users deploying on Azure can now see their device issues, and download and analyse the attached software traces, directly in Tracealyzer.

“The increasing importance of IoT data streams calls for observability, all the way into the device software where the data are produced,” said Percepio CEO Johan Kraft. “Microsoft Azure RTOS Thread X provides a solid platform for Azure IoT applications that is growing strongly in capabilities and popularity. We are thrilled to contribute with Tracealyzer, providing improved observability into Azure RTOS applications during development. We are also really excited about the new Azure cloud support in Percepio DevAlert, enabling observability of IoT device issues in the field. This includes early warnings and full insight into the software behaviour of deployed devices for safeguarding the data stream and service availability of Azure IoT applications.”

Tony Shakib, general manager of Azure IoT at Microsoft, added: “The new streaming support will be a big debugging boost for Microsoft Azure RTOS Thread X developers, and DevAlert’s Azure support is an important addition to the growing family of services available for Azure.”

The improved Azure support will be available in the upcoming Tracealyzer v4.6 release.

Percepio provides visual trace diagnostics for embedded and IoT software systems in development and in the field. Tracealyzer combines software tracing with visualisations, allowing users to spot and analyse issues visually in software recordings during development and testing. DevAlert is a cloud service for monitoring deployed IoT devices, combining automatic, real-time error reporting with visual trace diagnostics powered by Tracealyzer. Complimentary evaluation licences are available for both products.

Percepio collaborates with vendors of processors and operating systems within embedded system and IoT such as Infineon, NXP Semiconductors, ST Microelectronics, Renesas Electronics, Wind River Systems and Amazon Web Services. The company is based in Västerås, Sweden.