Ordr pulls IoT devices out of the shadows

  • September 23, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based Ordr, a specialist in security for enterprise IoT and unmanaged devices, has announced a programme to uncover shadow IoT devices and their corresponding risks.

The turnkey offering that takes minutes to deploy. Qualified users are provided with a kit including a cloud-managed, zero touch provisioning sensor, and a limited-duration licence to the Ordr Core software.

For enterprises that need to maintain continuous, high-fidelity visibility across the entire network, the Core software subscription delivers foundational device discovery, classification and behaviour analysis as well as risk profiling functionality.

Enterprise IoT security continues to be a major concern across all industries and, with more than 25 billion internet-connected devices operating today, ZK Research predicts that number will skyrocket to 80 billion by 2025. The rapid proliferation of these connected IoT devices has simultaneously created more attack surfaces and vulnerabilities for every enterprise.

“Every connected device is a potential attack vector, especially when deployed outside the purview of security and IT,” said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research. “In order to secure their devices, organisations must start with visibility into what is actually connected but most organisations don’t have the time or resources to do this manually and have had to live with the risk of not knowing what’s lurking in the shadows.”

The IoT discovery programme can get organisations up and running within minutes. Following zero touch provisioning and installation of the IoT sensor, device data are sent to the Ordr Cloud dashboard, making it easy for enterprises to analyse and act upon the granular, connected device insights to drive security decisions and improve operational performance.

This functionality comes at no cost to enterprises for a 30-day trial period, which can then be upgraded to a paid deployment. The programme is available through Ordr channel partners, including Cadre, Carousel Industries, CDW, GuidePoint Security, Logicalis, Novacoast and Teneo Group.

“Shadow IoT is a growing challenge for enterprises in every industry,” said Jason Viera, CTO at Carousel Industries. “Organisations have no idea what devices are lurking on their networks and, as IoT adoption accelerates, the problem is only going to get worse. You can’t secure what you can’t see, but Ordr’s IoT discovery programme gives you visibility into your devices and risks so you can make informed decisions about device security and management.”

Ordr Core with zero touch provisioning capabilities helps organisations immediately discover devices, revealing everything that is connected to the network as well as the security and management risks associated with those devices. Based on an understanding of device behaviour and risks, organisations can then enable automated actions and advanced integrations with the Ordr Premium software subscription to address these risks proactively.

“For healthcare organisations, the ability to obtain comprehensive visibility into what’s on their network is critical not only for asset inventory, but overall patient safety as well,” said Tom Stafford, healthcare chief technology officer at CDW Healthcare. “They need an accurate inventory of devices in the network, to track those that have been recalled, have vulnerabilities or are running aging or out-dated operating systems. Ordr’s IoT discovery programme streamlines this process.”

Greg Murphy, CEO of Ordr, added: “IoT management and security has traditionally been difficult without a comprehensive approach to finding, classifying and securing those devices. With our IoT discovery programme, new software packaging and zero touch capabilities, every enterprise can inventory all of the devices on their network to understand granular details such as make, model, operating system and vulnerabilities, as well as profile exactly how devices are behaving.”