Nodle scores ESTV deal to expand IoT network

  • August 12, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based IoT company Nodle has entered the world of sports streaming in a partnership with ESTV.

Nodle is a citizen-powered decentralised wireless network that provides low-cost secure connectivity for the IoT. With ESTV boasting over 29.6m unique viewers and 124.8m viewership minutes worldwide, the partnership looks to increase dramatically the reach of the Nodle network and introduce new revenue streams for ESTV as well as enhancing its user experience.

For ESTV, the Nodle networking library will be built into the upcoming release of ESTV’s mobile app, while the Nodle Cash app will be prominently seen and promoted throughout ESTV’s round-the-clock global broadcasts. ESTV will gain an additional source of revenue and each user can opt-in to earn Nodle Cash passively, all while watching sports streams. In turn, users will be able to convert earnings to ESTV gear and other ESTV offerings.

Nodle Cash can not only be earned by any mobile gamer through the Nodle Cash app, but also inside the ESTV mobile app. ESTV network, tournaments, anchors, athletes, celebrities and ESTV current and future partners will also promote Nodle Cash app downloads to gamers around the world.

Nodle Cash is remotely mined through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and an algorithm called Proof of Connectivity. This allows anyone with a smartphone to scan automatically for nearby BLE-enabled IoT devices and sensors, and move tiny bits of data, such as location, temperature, air quality, foot traffic and more through their phone and up to the cloud. In addition, all transactions are encrypted to protect privacy.

Nodle customer types such as enterprises, manufacturers and smart cities pay for receiving data insights coming from IoT devices and sensors to improve decision-making and, in return, users who lend their Bluetooth and internet access get rewarded in Nodle Cash.

“This will be one of our first major collaborations in bridging the Nodle network to the booming world of gaming and esports,” said Micha Benoliel, CEO of Nodle. Garrett Kinsman, vice president of Nodle, added: “We are thrilled to have our Nodle brand associated with ESTV and can’t wait to see it being used in tournaments where everyone wins with Nodle Cash.” Benoliel and Kinsman co-founded Nodle.

Eric Yoon, CEO of ESTV said: “We are excited to partner with Nodle to deliver their technology to our upcoming ESTV mobile app. Global ESTV users will be able to earn Nodle Cash while watching live tournament events, as well as while enjoying our vast ESTV content library. The more our viewers view content on the ESTV mobile app, the more Nodle Cash they’ll earn. This partnership is truly a win-win-win for ESTV viewers and users, Nodle, and ESTV.”

ESTV is distributed in 45 countries via over-the-top platforms such as Roku Live Channel, Sling TV, Amazon Fire TV, Rakuten TV and Plex, and on most connected TV platforms including Samsung TV Plus, Vizio, TCL and Hisense.