Nexus puts AI modules on Microsoft Azure

  • December 7, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

UK software company Nexus FrontierTech has launched plug-and-play AI modules on Microsoft Azure so clients can instantly deploy modular AI in their workflows using intelligent automation breakthroughs on the Azure platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provider Nexus FrontierTech has announced its partnership with Microsoft Azure, allowing clients to use the Azure marketplace for quick deployment of AI within their organisations.

The first module by Nexus FrontierTech available on the platform is a driving licence processing option for UK licences, extracting both the personal identity information as well as photo and signature verification. The module seamlessly integrates these data directly into clients’ systems, automating the extraction of both the textual data and graphics on the licences needed for identification verification, delivering workflow automation without any disruption.

The driving licence extractor, along with soon-to-launch modules for financial statements, bank statements, passports and more, is said to be the first-of-its-kind on the Azure marketplace.

Nexus FrontierTech powers these modules via the Nexus AI Engine, which taps multiple data types and turns unstructured data into accurate, actionable and valuable intelligence with intelligent document processing and NLP. Specialised for banking and financial services, asset management, retail and wealth banking, the engine delivers more than fifty proprietary AI modules that automate high value workflows including onboarding, compliance, research and portfolio monitoring, and enables quick and easy customisation for other data sources.

“We’re excited to have successfully launched the driving licence extractor AI module on the Azure platform, serving our clients on the Microsoft ecosystem,” said Danny Goh, Nexus FrontierTech CEO. “Preparations for the launch of our other existing modules are already underway, and we look forward to delivering a full suite of intelligent automation products via Azure, supporting Azure users with the speed and agility needed in their workflows to scale their operations.”