Neeco and GDT increase IoT accessibility

  • November 22, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson
David Patek

Czech Republic-based ICT services firm Neeco has formed an alliance with Texas-based IT provider GDT to optimise enterprise and utilities operations through increased IoT accessibility across European and Asian markets.

The alliance aims to help clients future proof their enterprises, increase profitability and meet sustainability objectives.

Because of the rise of remote working, increased demand for business adaptability and the growing use of AI, this alliance plans to offer expertise and international operating capabilities.

Gartner predicts global IT spending will reach $4.47tn next year, representing an increase of 5.5 per cent compared with 2021.

“The Neeco-GDT partnership is a powerful combination of skills and capabilities,” said David Patek, CEO of Neeco. “GDT’s understanding of complex network integration and their experience in designing, building and delivering best-of-breed technology is uniquely complementary to Neeco’s strengths when it comes to our global coverage and procurement services. Together, we will unlock full potential of our global services and place our clients on the best route to transformation in the digital landscape.”

GDT is a system integrator, with modern facilities, relationships and a team of IT professionals specialising in digital transformation. The alliance with Neeco, which comes after two years of collaboration, aims to enhance clients’ company productivity, enabling faster response times, reducing costs, increasing profitability and raising customer service levels.

Delivering a tailor-made offering for clients for many regions outside of the USA backed by business strategies, Neeco should enhance GDT’s core values of customer-first focus and technological innovation. Neeco supports 62% of all GDT’s global work with supply chain, managed and professional services.

“The partnership with Neeco is an intricate part of our global strategy and capitalises on Neeco’s capabilities not only in Europe but in other geographies,” said Patrick Faure, director of GDT’s international programme office. “Neeco’s expertise, professionalism and consistently high-quality deliveries are key factors that made the difference in selecting such a critical partner.”

Current market difficulties include a diminishing IT skill-set, the increased importance of network architecture and the need for data silos to be broken down. Neeco provides a business approach to help clients execute effective hardware and software deployment, maintenance and additional support using technology.

In terms of capabilities, Neeco has engineers in more than 160 countries, global coverage, integration of procurement activities into one product, and a single point of contact. It specialises in consulting, technical and support services, and fully managed services.

GDT specialises in the consulting, designing, deploying and managing of technology. The firm says its architects and engineers maintain the highest-level certifications to translate the latest ideas and technologies into innovations that realise the vision of businesses.