MultiTech adds to LoRaWan card range

  • July 20, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

MultiTech has added to its range of LoRaWan gateway accessory cards using the Semtech SX1303 LoRa baseband processor.

The cards let users process higher amounts of LoRa traffic, from more devices in the field, while improving end-device battery performance due to additional spreading factors for optimum network performance. This gives users the opportunity to set up LoRa networks that provide network-based location services based on the time difference of arrival (TDoA) from at least three gateways.

These cards can support any LoRaWan sensor including the MultiTech Reveal sensor family and xDot modules connected to remote sensors or appliances, and will be available in a wide variety of MultiTech gateways:

  • Conduit programmable gateway (MTCDT series) is a configurable, manageable, and scalable LoRaWan gateway for industrial IoT applications. This indoor industrial gateway is for environments that require metal casing for protection against particles and debris and require an industrial temperature range.
  • Conduit IP67 base station (MTCDTIP series) is a scalable, ruggedised IoT certified gateway, designed for outdoor LoRaWan public or private network deployments.
  • Conduit 300 series IoT gateway (MTCDT3AC series) features mPower edge intelligence and enables streamlined edge-to-cloud orchestration, management and analytics with built-in compatibility with IoT software platforms.

“We continue to invest in our LoRaWan gateway portfolio enabling the latest and most advanced LoRa technology available, providing customers with a greater number of benefits,” said David Tincher, MultiTech senior product manager.

The gateways feature mPower edge intelligence embedded software for programmability, network flexibility, security and manageability for scalable industrial IoT. MPower offers an easy-to-use graphical interface set-up and includes a built-in LoRa network server and packet forwarder to connect locally clustered assets on a private LoRaWan directly to the user’s choice of IoT data platforms.

Network engineers can remotely configure and optimise their Conduit performance through DeviceHQ, an IoT application store and device management platform. The Conduit features wifi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), GNSS and two accessory card slots that enable users to plug in MultiTech mCard accessory cards supporting their preferred wired or wireless interface to connect to a wide range of assets locally to the gateway.

For broader deployments, users can upgrade to MultiTech Lens, a toolset for secure, distributed, scalable LoRaWan enterprise networks, designed to enable easy and efficient deployment and management of private LoRaWans at scale. Lens provides centralised key management for LoRaWan end devices, and configuration and control of Conduit gateways.

Lens easily executes typical LoRaWan management functions such as adding gateways and LoRaWan end devices in bulk, or creating separate organisations and network segmentation to support different IoT use cases or applications, while providing access rights to individual users. Whether it’s ten or 10,000 devices, Lens provides network management through APIs in the network operations centre or provisioning and management centre.

MultiTech has extended its Reveal line of sensors with LoRa technology to communicate over European bands. Originally designed and manufactured by recently acquired Radio Bridge, the sensors use the LoRaWan wireless standard and are all engineered for long-range, low cost and extended battery life applications.

The Reveal sensors are designed for better RF and battery performance with integrated, fit-for-purpose sensing technologies addressing use cases in food safety, smart buildings and industrial applications. A web-based application development console is for integration of the sensors with LNS providers, enabling rapid application development.

“The Reveal sensors are designed around performance and flexibility for fast and easy integration into new use-cases,” said Steve Kilts, general manager of MultiTech’s sensor business. “The goal is achieving seamless sensor-to-cloud for a variety of applications.”

MultiTech can now provide an integrated approach to IoT from sensors, to embedded communications devices, modems and gateways, cloud connectivity and device management services, as well as application development software tools.

“OEMs, system integrators and providers now have a simplified path to develop and deploy new connections,” said Stefan Lindvall, CEO of MultiTech. “We are very proud to offer the world’s most comprehensive LoRaWan-based sensor-to-cloud portfolio of products and tools and look forward to continuing our commitment to help businesses leverage the true power of IoT within their industries.