Minew thin card provides access control

  • October 4, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Chinese IoT device maker Minew Technologies has introduced a thin location card for access control applications.

The MWC02 card is said to set an industry standard for security, convenience and customisation.

The 1.3mm thick card can fit into wallets, cardholders and other situations where portability is important.

NFC technology provides quick, dependable and secure access control, making it suitable for contemporary business settings, healthcare facilities, museums or educational institutions.

By selecting from a variety of different patterns and including a company logo, users can personalise the card to suit their own identity or company.

For healthcare, it can ensure patient confidentiality, and in museums it can guard precious artifacts. The card guarantees secure access to restricted locations, protecting private medical data and boosting overall patient and employee safety.

Educational facilities and organisations need regulated access to certain locations for organisational and security reasons. The card can streamline campus security by allowing authorised individuals to enter quickly while upholding a secure learning environment.

Earlier this year, Minew (www.minew.com) joined the LoRa Alliance.