Microsoft and Aptos combine AI and blockchain

  • August 16, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based Aptos Labs is partnering with Microsoft to improve the internet using Azure’s open AI service and blockchain technology.

Aptos Labs is integrating Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service into the Aptos network. This integration sets the stage for opportunities in Web3 exploration and development. It’s a move that will create builder resources and open a gateway to Web3 that could improve the internet.

The integration of Microsoft’s AI marks a turning point, bringing an end to the long-standing hurdles to Web3 entry.

“The future of the internet isn’t just a pipe dream,” said Mo Shaikh, Aptos Labs CEO. “It’s here and it’s being built on Aptos. The next-gen web is ready for use, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of Aptos and its dedicated community.”

Aptos Labs has announced a multiyear partnership with Microsoft that will make it easier for people to explore Web3 and for creators to build the future of the internet.

The groundwork for this partnership was laid down over the past five years, during which Aptos pursued the vision of a decentralised, user-centric internet. With an emphasis on developer-first design, Aptos Labs’ partnership with Microsoft provides a fail-safe basis for creators, allowing them to prioritise end-user experience and forge ahead with ambitious, consumer-oriented innovations.

Putting builders first is core to Aptos’ mission. This mindset has allowed the network to provide developers and enterprises with an infallible foundation to support their ideas, allowing them to focus on the end consumer’s experience with built-in user safeguards at Aptos’ blockchain layer.

“What Aptos Labs and the greater Aptos community have built is the foundation for tomorrow’s web ready today,” said Shaikh. “The serious builders have entered the chat, and they’re building on Aptos. Now, with Microsoft’s best-in-class AI in the mix, there’s no doubt that the time for significant change is now.”

This integration of Microsoft’s AI technology is a significant step towards fundamentally changing how society uses the internet. Aptos’ blockchain technology coupled with its programming language, Move, continues to set standards in the blockchain industry with regards to speed, cost, brand safety and reliability.

Aptos claims to have the lowest-latency, highest-throughput blockchain in the market today, with a time-to-finality (TTF) of less than one second. The number of weekly user transactions on Aptos also reached 4.9 million this July and continues to rise.

“With the support of our community, we’ve upgraded our blockchain almost monthly and, in the process, set new industry benchmarks along with an invitation and challenge to fellow chains to join us while empowering developers worldwide at every turn,” said Shaikh. “With an end to the once-mountainous barrier to entry into Web3 in sight, a better internet isn’t just a vision anymore. It’s here, and it’s on Aptos.”