LTIMindtree partners Vodafone on connected IoT

Indian technology firm LTIMindtree is collaborating with Vodafone to deliver connected, smart IoT services.

LTIMindtree is a technology and digital consulting company. Vodafone’s managed IoT service has more than 175 million connections worldwide, supporting a wide range of business-critical applications.

Through this partnership, LTIMindtree will offer connected and smart IoT, powered by its Insight NXT platform (iNXT) and Vodafone’s IoT managed connectivity, that will enable Industry X.0 and digital transformation across multiple vertical sectors.

The iNXT business unit brings technical and functional components and, with Vodafone’s IoT managed connectivity, aims to solve complex business problems. By drawing on an ecosystem of partners, LTIMindtree wants to empower clients to increase their efforts across revenue acceleration through newer business models, cost efficiency and sustainability, leveraging smart IoT and Industry X.0.

LTIMindtree, enabled by Vodafone, aims to deliver capabilities in AI, machine learning, predictive maintenance, digital twins, supply chain visibility, sustainability, energy management, worker safety, sensorisation of assets, augmented reality, and virtual reality training.

“Our partnership with LTIMindtree means Vodafone can support the real-time delivery of IoT managed services to their clients and empower them in driving cost efficiencies and greater productivity,” said Gemma Barsby, UK head of IoT for Vodafone ( “As a global IoT provider we look forward to collaborating with LTIMindtree to mutually grow our market share in the Industrial 4.0 and digital transformation domain.”

Through this partnership, LTIMindtree will design scalable, end-to-end offerings by leveraging the power of IoT, metaverse, AI and machine learning and deliver secure, connected ecosystems and outcomes over Vodafone’s managed IoT connectivity network.

“In today’s highly distributed yet interdependent economy, continuous innovation and access to connected ecosystems to deliver immersive experiences is vital for growth and differentiation,” said Monish Mishra, chief business officer at LTIMindtree ( “We are excited to collaborate with Vodafone and enhance our proposition on Industry X.0 and industrial digital transformation. We remain committed to working with customers across industries within the UK and Europe and getting them to the future, faster.”