LoRa Alliance accredits engineers and developers

  • March 22, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

The LoRa Alliance has launched a LoRaWAan accredited professional programme to support the IoT industry’s need for skilled engineers and developers.

The accreditation will validate developers’ and engineers’ knowledge of the LoRaWan standard.

The accreditation supports the growing need for skilled LoRaWan professionals in the market. The online exam will become available on May 1, 2023, and sign-up is open now.

“LoRaWan is a mature technology with massive deployments and the largest IoT ecosystem,” said Donna Moore, CEO of the LoRa Alliance. “Over the past few years, the IoT industry has asked for a technical accreditation programme to meet the growing need for skilled LoRaWan professionals. Developers and engineers who obtain accredited professional status will bring strong knowledge of LoRaWan to support IoT projects around the world.”

The programme is administered by the LoRa Alliance, which develops and maintains the LoRaWan standard. Individuals who pass the exam will have demonstrated advanced knowledge of the LoRaWan standard and its implementation.

This programme is recommended for individuals with at least two years of professional experience developing and implementing LoRaWan and/or those who have completed LoRa Alliance endorsed trainings.

The programme benefits technical IoT professionals, consultants, engineers and developers who successfully achieve LoRaWan Accredited Professional status by providing proof of qualification to develop and deploy LoRaWan products and services.

This should enhance customer confidence in an engineer’s abilities and increase job security and promotion opportunities. It also reduces on-the-job training time and increases opportunities when applying for a job. The engineer could also have more authority and a larger voice in professional groups.