Littelfuse reed sensor suits IoT proximity sensing

  • November 1, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Chicago-based electronic component maker Littelfuse has developed a reed sensor for IoT proximity sensing applications.

The 59001 miniature D-shaped cylindrical reed sensor combines compact size, performance and customisation options, making it suitable for various industrial, appliances and IoT proximity sensing applications.

It measures 13.5 by 5.0 by 4.6mm, making it suitable for applications where size constraints are a concern. Additionally, its D-shape provides a poka-yoke mechanism that simplifies installation, ensuring proper orientation of the sensor in the assembly.

Applications include small and large appliances, security and access control, factory automation, process equipment, and proximity and limit sensing.

Its non-contact switching makes it particularly suitable for wet and harsh environments, ensuring reliable performance even in difficult conditions.

“We are excited to introduce the 59001 reed sensor to our customers,” said Julius Venckus, global product manager at Littelfuse. “By understanding the design challenges and constraints of various size-limited applications, we have developed a shape-oriented and smaller-size reed sensor that addresses these specific requirements. This new addition to our reed sensors further enables us to provide the most comprehensive portfolio of magnetic sensing to meet our customers’ needs.”

Despite its size, it can switch up to 120V AC or 170V DC at 10W. It is available with multiple sensitivity and cable length options, catering to various applications.

It is engineered for higher operating temperatures, vibration and shock resistance. Being a non-contact switch, it is suitable for wet and harsh environments. Flexibility remains at the forefront with customisation options available to users.

There are several sensitivity and cable length configurations.

Littelfuse ( is a diversified, industrial technology manufacturing company. Across more than 20 countries, and with approximately 18,000 global employees, it serves over 100,000 end customers. Its products are found in various industrial, transportation and electronics markets. Headquartered in Chicago, Littelfuse was founded in 1927.