Ittia releases DB SQL edge database for IoT devices

  • January 27, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Ittia DB SQL version eight helps device manufacturers gain insights by processing IoT sensor data immediately it arrives with standard SQL syntax.

Developers also gain an interactive interface to access and query database tables and IoT sensors remotely.

Version eight additionally includes a patent-pending security agent that enables embedded IoT devices to block malicious database requests directly. Ittia DB SQL data management features enhance and automate the data storage and processing capabilities of embedded systems and IoT devices.

IoT devices produce a significant quantity of data, which intelligent edge systems must continuously analyse at a high rate to capture and collect meaningful information. Manufacturers prefer to reduce interaction with the cloud, increase security, reduce bandwidth expenses and reduce long-term data maintenance costs. By processing every bit of data from IoT sensors and other data sources through Ittia DB SQL, edge device applications locally decide what information to store and how to react in real time, without relying on cloud services.

Ittia DB SQL silently embeds into deployed devices and empowers those devices to monitor data closely. IoT sensor queries provide online analysis for the edge to make decisions, while offline SQL table queries enable future investigation on the collected data.

Capturing real-time data allows edge applications to identify potential problems and, with this release, IoT devices can optimise the data processing to detect inefficiency while managing data offline. Database flexibility enables device manufacturers to develop highly customisable applications that adapt to customer requirements before and after deployment.

“Our new release is designed for application developers of embedded IoT systems where device manufacturers seek scalable edge data management,” said Sasan Montaseri, president of Washington-based Ittia. “It is not trivial to deploy hundreds of devices that collect, analyse and manage a flood of online data without losing performance. While edge application developers may not want to permanently store all real time data, with this new release they are empowered to monitor all available data, capture important information, and easily save it for offline queries and further investigation.”

The Ittia DB SQL release is available for evaluation.

Ittia provides secure data management and processing software for intelligent embedded devices. Ittia DB SQL enables manufacturers and architects of computing devices to collect, process and distribute data in real time on edge network devices. It is suitable for mission-critical application development and deployment.