IoXt to decertify Chinese IoT firms

  • March 12, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

IoT security alliance IoXt has decided it will no longer offer certifications to, and will decertify, certain Chinese firms along with their applications and devices.

IoXt described this as “a pivotal decision in its ongoing commitment to maintaining and enhancing the security integrity of the IoT ecosystem”.

A review highlighted potential security vulnerabilities that could adversely impact the IoT ecosystem. Given the standards set forth by the IoXt profiles and the criteria of the Cyber Trust Mark programme, it is improbable for these Chinese manufacturers to secure certification and obtain the Cyber Trust Mark. This move is part of a broader strategy to collaborate more closely with regulatory bodies, such as the FCC, and the federal government to establish a safer IoT landscape.

“Our commitment to IoT security is unwavering,” said Gary Jabara, CEO IoXt. “This strategic decision was made after careful consideration of the potential risks associated with the certification of certain devices and applications. Working alongside the FCC and federal government, IoXt aims to lead the way in establishing robust security standards that will ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of IoT devices now and in the future.”

This announcement reflects IoXt’s proactive approach to addressing emerging security problems within the IoT ecosystem. By refining its certification process, IoXt says it continues to prioritise the security and privacy of users worldwide. This decision aligns with the organisation’s long-term vision of fostering a secure, reliable,and resilient IoT environment for all.

IoXt ( is a global standard for IoT security. With a broad coalition of technology companies and industry stakeholders, IoXt says it is committed to creating a secure and resilient IoT ecosystem that inspires trust and advances technology innovation.