Infiot integrates Microsoft Azure IoT Edge

  • February 24, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based intelligent access company Infiot has integrated Microsoft Azure IoT Edge with its intelligent, thin, wireless rugged edge technology.

Infiot delivers intelligent access for remote-first users and devices. The deep platform integration with Microsoft Azure produces end-to-end workflow streamlining to reduce last kilometre complexity.

This is done by deploying Azure IoT Edge Runtime on Infiot thin, wireless intelligent edges on-demand, and in a turnkey fashion, with one-click operations, and automated connectivity to Azure IoT Hub via tight API integration.

The joint product unlocks value from IoT sensor data by solving the problems of provisioning and securing IoT edge devices, deploying applications, and accelerating the transmission and collection of data headed to Azure IoT Hub. This enables capabilities such as analytics and machine learning.

Infiot’s intelligent access is suitable for all IoT deployments with converged connectivity, zero trust security and edge compute, connecting IoT devices over LTE and 5G cellular networks, and addressing the challenges of most IoT projects around complexity and efficiency.

Infiot thin, wireless ruggedised edges collect data from various assets and sensors running on a wide spectrum of protocols, govern data ownership, and send the right data to the right place by the right personnel, enabling deploying and managing of hundreds of IoT edges at scale.

Enterprises benefit from a cloud service that allows them to monitor and understand the status of their devices, connect Infiot thin, wireless edges quickly to Azure IoT Hub, and improve complete IoT deployment lifecycle efficiency.

With API integration, Azure IoT edges automatically connect to the Azure IoT hubs and IoT devices are auto provisioned in the IoT hub via a device provisioning service. Security functionality safeguards IoT traffic from sensor devices to Azure IoT Cloud.

IoT devices can be accessed securely from anywhere with remote maintenance and troubleshooting with Infiot Private Access.

Upon blackout conditions, Infiot Extensible Edge locally stores telemetry data bound for Azure IoT Hub. Once connectivity is restored, locally stored messages are delivered to IoT Hub.

“Infiot is committed to helping IT and OT teams deliver secure and reliable connectivity that helps accelerate IoT time-to-value for their business,” said Parag Thakore, CEO of Infiot. “Our integration with Microsoft Azure IoT is critical in helping customers adopt and scale their IoT initiatives. Infiot ruggedised intelligent edge with zero trust security, connectivity and edge compute offers turnkey solutions enabling Azure IoT Edge Runtime deployment with automated connectivity and one-click operations delivered via deep API integrations. This integration is essential to realising the true potential of IoT and will provide a pathway to 5G going forward.”

Sam George, corporate vice president at Microsoft, added: “Our mission in Microsoft Azure IoT is to simplify IoT for mainstream adoption. We deliver capabilities and services that remove obstacles and accelerate IoT. Helping organisations build solutions that are built on a foundation of security while reducing complexity and time-to-value is at the core of everything we do. We’re excited about our collaboration with Infiot, empowering businesses to deliver secure and reliable IoT faster.”