Ignion antennas keep flowers blooming

  • August 10, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Antennas from Spanish firm Ignion are helping control the environment around plants with sensors and the IoT.

Founded in 2015, Huahuacaocao uses IoT sensor technology for plant care. It joined the Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise family and transformed into a technology company that combines agriculture and intelligent sensors.

Plants and flowers are living things so the best way to take care of them is to understand their needs. Every plant has a completely different need, and they can be in many different environments, so the sensor’s signal needs to be efficient to work in any scenario.

The challenge was to get the best signal despite the plant being in the corner of an outdoor balcony or at a random part of a high-rise office. People needed to monitor their plants via the mobile app, by using the sensor powered by Ignion’s antenna technology.

The Flower Care smart monitor sensor provides an accurate value of light and temperature. Users can control the environment around their plants with sensors, but it needed the right IoT antenna.

“Flower Care speaks for plants,” said Li Qin CEO of Huahuacaocao. “It accurately delivers all needs of every greenery and flower at home, such as if the current moisture, sunlight, fertiliser and temperature are suitable for them or not. Thanks to Ignion’s technology, even in random locations, connectivity is easy now.”

Ignion’s technology enables the Flower Care smart monitor sensor to achieve 80% efficiency in virtually all scenarios.

The path to the final design was smooth, starting with Ignion’s proof-of-concept Antenna Intelligence Cloud service to avoid any design risk from the very beginning. Huahuacaocao and Ignion’s teams worked closely at the design stage where Ignion’s engineering team supported the plant sensor design with the NNS 2.0 matching network service, for hardware accuracy and antenna tuning, which provided the optimised performance needed. The system with Ignion’s components provides an accurate value of light and temperature to understand the environment around the plants and keep them healthy.