Huawei launches Wi-Fi 7 multi-AP for campuses

  • November 29, 2023
  • William Payne

Huawei has launched ‘All-Scenario WLAN Solution’, which provides support for the Wi-Fi 7 standard for applications across local government, healthcare, education, retail and manufacturing.

The Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 All-Scenario APs features an ultra-high single-terminal rate and AP throughput. It includes technologies such as dynamic-zoom smart antenna, Coordinated Spatial Reuse (CoSR) multi-AP coordination, and AI roaming, and offers up to 10 Gbps wireless bandwidth and enable intelligent multimedia scheduling.

A single AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 AP can support up to 120 high-density concurrent users at workplaces free from rate limiting or bandwidth contention from download services. The company says its new product is aimed at high-density office scenarios.

In Europe, Huawei AirEngine products are widely used in education, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, and other sectors.

According to Huawei, the advent of Wi-Fi 7 encourages the evolution of multi-Ge campus networks. With the transition from 1Ge access switches to 2.5Ge access, 2.5Ge can support Wi-Fi 7 traffic and it can support all types of devices using 2.5Ge, 1Ge, 100Mb and 10Mb. The allows customers to keep their current cabling where they cannot replace it immediately, offering the smoothest transition to Wi-Fi 7.

Yang Chaobin, Huawei Board Member and President of ICT Products and Solutions said: ”The industry’s first commercial Wi-Fi 7 APs support 120 concurrent channels of HD video, and provide ubiquitous 10-Gbps bandwidth”.