Golioth offers free IoT device management

  • March 12, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson
Jonathan Beri, CEO of Golioth.

California-based Golioth is offering device management services to IoT developers at no cost.

This move aims to empower developers with advanced tools for IoT innovation.

Addressing the IoT industry’s growing need for robust and scalable IoT, Golioth’s offering removes the previous cap on device management, which was limited to 50 devices. The change empowers IoT developers to manage larger scale projects with access to crucial features such as over-the-air (OTA) software updates, comprehensive device logs, remote procedure calls, and real-time settings management, without any device count restrictions.

“In an era where IoT security is paramount, offering OTA capabilities from the start is essential for maintaining device integrity and data security,” said Jonathan Beri, CEO of Golioth. “Our initiative responds to the urgent need for comprehensive, accessible IoT development tools.”

He described a device without OTA as a “ticking time bomb”, saying that identifying an issue or discovering a vulnerability without an OTA strategy put all customers at risk.

Beri’s perspective underscores the importance of OTA across various industries, from critical sectors such as medical, manufacturing and utilities to those facing less immediate pressure, such as waste management, building automation and micromobility. By seamlessly integrating security measures into the developer’s workflow, Golioth ensures both prototypes and production devices receive protection without imposing extra work on developers.

The pricing initiative is expected to have an impact across various sectors, enhancing the ability to address issues and vulnerabilities efficiently. Golioth’s integrated security features are designed to support a wide array of industries, ensuring rapid response capabilities and protection for IoT devices.

Golioth’s free tier includes unlimited device connections, 1Gbyte of monthly bandwidth and access to one million monthly log messages, catering to the needs of developers managing large IoT deployments. If a user needs more bandwidth or would like to use data routing and data storage features, Golioth enables that as an add-on for a nominal fee.

In addition to the free offering, Golioth has detailed its Golioth for teams and enterprise offerings, which provide enhanced features for larger teams and organisations, including user management and access controls. Details on Golioth pricing can be found at golioth.io/pricing.

As building IoT is complex, Golioth has been partnering with industry product design firms to help businesses prototype and pilot their IoT.

For a limited time, now until May 4th, 2024, the firm is offering a 45-day free trial of teams and $1000 credit for anyone needing professional services via its network of product design partners.

Founded in 2020 by Jonathan Beri, Golioth (www.golioth.io) helps engineers overcome the challenges of IoT development to get to production fast. The company’s platform, firmware SDK, suite of tools, and reference designs can accelerate the time to market for devices making IoT infrastructure more secure, dependable and sustainable.