GCF and TTA support OneM2M release two

  • January 11, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) and Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) have extended their OneM2M certification programme with support for release two.

Release two extends the scope of the OneM2M standard to meet the needs of the global IoT market.

The existence of a certification programme from an internationally recognised provider is key to ensuring proper functionality, interoperability and compliance with OneM2M release two and should underpin the future growth and adoption of the standard.

The TTA has played a role in validating the testing platform for release two as well as participating with OneM2M’s other partners in the definition of the standard. The TTA is also the first laboratory to offer a testing service for release two.

Release two provides support for industrial domain enablement – including real-time data collection, redundancy and fault tolerance – and home domain enablement. It also features additional technical capabilities that facilitate end-to-end security and functions as a generic interworking framework for standards such as LWM2M and AllJoyn.

“This update marks a significant step forward in enabling the international adoption of the OneM2M standard,” said Lars Nielsen, CEO of the GCF. The GCF’s well established certification programme for OneM2M previously focused on release one. Our extensive support for cellular standards including 5G provides a strong platform from which to launch our support for release two and subsequent releases of the OneM2M standard.”

Younghae Choi, president of the TTA, added: “By starting the certification programme for the OneM2M release two standard, which has already been adopted as an ITU-T recommended standard for IoT platforms, we hope that many countries and companies around the world will participate to create an environment where the IoT market expands and technology spreads. And as the first authorised test lab, the TTA will provide reliable testing and certification services to ensure interoperability between OneM2M products.”

OneM2M is a global standards initiative for M2M communications and the IoT. It develops technical specifications that address the need for a common M2M service layer that can be readily embedded within hardware and software and relied on to connect the myriad of devices in the field with M2M application servers worldwide. OneM2M covers business domains including telematics and intelligent transportation, healthcare, utilities, industrial automation and smart homes.

The GCF plans to enable a certification programme for OneM2M release three later in 2023.

The GCF is a non-profit, membership driven organisation that has been shaping the industry since 1999 with mobile technology at the core. It has over 300 members from major operators, MVNOs, major device and IoT manufacturers, and the test industry, working with industry partners on certification programmes demanded by the market.

The TTA is a statutory organisation in the field of ICT that develops and establishes standards and offers internationally recognised one-stop testing and certification services for standard ICT products. Since its foundation in 1988, it has played a role in ICT standardisation, testing and certification in Korea. In addition, it has contributed to the development of the nation’s ICT industry by taking the lead in international standardisation.