Fractus Antennas changes name to Ignion

  • March 31, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Spanish company Fractus Antennas has changed its name to Ignion following the rapid adoption of its Virtual Antenna technology, the opening of a US office and several strategic partnerships.

“At Ignion we are shaking up the IoT world as a global innovator with our Virtual Antenna technology,” said Jaap Groot, Ignion’s CEO. “All too often the development cycle of an IoT device is unnecessarily too long and when you are just at the end of the tunnel you need to redesign again. Why? The antenna. Being at heart of any IoT device, we have the technology that enables the beat. Make the smart decision upfront that will reduce time, reduce costs and give you the competitive advantage.”

The company has recently announced that in the past five years 25 million devices have been deployed worldwide using its antenna technology.

The IoT ecosystem is a collaborative global community where Ignion’s Virtual Antenna technology is already being used by a large ecosystem of worldwide partners. In fact, the technology is already embedded in the IoT devices of highly recognised industry names.

This is because it offers the IoT community a standard and off-the-shelf chip antenna where no customisation is needed while providing performance for any protocol, band or application. From IoT development kits to original design projects, the antenna is easy to use and means it is no longer a design bottleneck.

With more than 20 years of expertise in the antenna field, Ignion believes the antenna goes first and, by redefining a few rules of the game, the whole system design process is accelerated. Launching a successful IoT product can be a complex journey but Ignion says it is improving the process by focusing on the antenna from the get-go to ensure a more predictable and simpler journey.

The result is shorter design cycles with reduced costs, faster times to production and increased chance of market success.