Eurotech and Retelit collaborate on IoT platforms

  • December 17, 2019
  • imc

Italian companies Retelit and Eurotech are collaborating to create an ecosystem of IoT platforms and infrastructures.
Enterprises and cities look towards IoT, automation and robotics to innovate, which is why Retelit – an Italian operator in digital transformation services – and Eurotech – a company that projects, develops and delivers hardware, software and services for the IoT – have partnered to create an integrated application and infrastructure to realise connected-things projects.
On the one hand, Retelit Multicloud meets users’ needs thanks to its marketplace that includes products and applications. It is an Italy-based infrastructure that integrates hybrid cloud including data centre cloud services, infrastructure outsourcing and public clouds from suppliers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in end-to-end logic.
On the other hand, Eurotech’s Everyware IoT platform is for the management of IoT projects in many vertical markets. The platform is based on open-source building blocks and ensures flexibility and interoperability while avoiding limitations due to vendor lock-in and offering a complete set of building blocks to build IoT products and services to accelerate time to market and integrate IT applications.
It integrates systems for remote monitoring of field devices, boosting production and operational efficiency, infrastructure flexibility, and security in data collection and communications.
The idea behind the partnership between Retelit and Eurotech is to provide enterprises with a platform through the Multicloud marketplace to innovate and sustain their business throughout tools, devices and smart IoT offerings to be integrated with applications for big data and machine learning projects.
“Artificial intelligence, robotics and Industry 4.0 represent the foundation of many innovative opportunities in any industry, and technology is developing at an uncontrolled and unstoppable pace,” said Federico Protto, Retelit CEO. “In addition to analytics, artificial intelligence and big data applications, already available in our marketplace, we are now able to integrate Eurotech’s platform to support the development and management of IoT-based industrial and smart city projects for enterprises and the public administration.”
Protto said Eurotech was chosen as a partner for its experience in the technology and digital transformation market. In particular, the Everyware IoT platform integrates any kind of sensor and can support optical fibre and 5G technologies.
“Thanks to our Multicloud platform, together with the group widespread presence in Italy, it will be possible to build edge computing across the main Italian cities,” said Protto.
Roberto Siagri, Eurotech CEO, added: “We are honoured to collaborate with Retelit. Thanks to this partnership, Retelit is able to create an IoT ecosystem to develop infrastructures for enterprise digital transformation. By adding Everyware IoT building blocks to Retelit’s infrastructure, customers have access to an edge-to-cloud offering that meets the highest security standards and allows a simple and cost-effective development and deployment of IoT applications in many vertical markets, from industrial to smart cities, both for enterprises and the public administration.”