Eurotech and Orange simplify IoT adoption

  • December 9, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Italian firm Eurotech is simplifying IoT adoption by combining its IoT edge technology with Orange’s Live Objects IoT platform.

The edge capabilities will be coupled with French telco Orange’s IoT platform to enable end-to-end IoT device and data management for industrial automation, smart transportation, energy management and other use cases.

Eurotech designs, develops and deploys hardware, software and services for the IoT. It is collaborating with Orange to enable and simplify IoT adoption from edge to cloud. The collaboration aims to combine Eurotech’s IoT edge capabilities with Orange’s Live Objects IoT platform.

Live Objects is a secured and resilient IoT SaaS platform hosted in France. It provides a network agnostic IoT services basement with multi-connectivity, enhanced data collection, IoT fleet management, and data storage and indexing. Live Objects is open to any cloud services such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud, and any data sources.

Live Objects can interact with Eurotech’s IoT edge components. Eurotech provides rugged, certified industrial IoT gateways and edge computers enhanced with the Everyware ESF IoT edge software framework. ESF allows edge computing capabilities such as filtering, aggregation and analysis of the specific data coming from IoT devices, and provides field protocol libraries to increase flexibility of gateways to interface with sensors and other devices.

The ESF Wires feature allows the building of data pipelines for the visual programming of IoT and edge computing applications.

ESF also provides seamless integration with Everyware Cloud (EC), Eurotech’s IoT integration hub for the management of edge devices. This provides device provisioning and remote configuration options.

Orange’s Live Objects platform interacts with EC through APIs and performs further data analytics, storage and management, and integration with business IT applications. Both Eurotech and Live Objects offer a complementary service for industry and smart building verticals.

“Eurotech and Orange offer integrated and completely managed end-to-end IoT to address IoT use cases from edge to cloud,” said Giuseppe Surace, Eurotech CP and MO. “Eurotech’s edge capabilities provide trusted components – rugged IoT gateways and edge computers – and a leading software framework for seamless edge-to-cloud integration for the management of IoT devices deployments, large and small. The strength of Orange’s Live Objects platform, combined with the richness of Eurotech IoT edge, will help pave the way for new advanced IoT cloud and edge computing services for Industry 4.0 and smart building verticals.”